The Baker’s Cottage (Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand)

The day we visited this institution was a busy day for us, we were literally out and about the whole day from Sunrise to Sunset for a morning workout on the East side of Auckland and finishing up with a small gathering out West with friends. In between we were looking for some breakfast and it happened to be we are in Central Auckland and this place came out of my mind.

The Baker’s Cottage in Kingsland like I mentioned earlier is an institution, certainly one of the best bakeries Auckland has to offer, people love coming here again and again, there are always crowds here during peak hours and the only reason is that the food is simple good, really good. Not over pricey, Rolls, pastries and pies are good and served fresh. There are a lot of offer, nice coffee too and the service was fast.

I had been here several times but this was our latest visit, during which we grabbed some quick breakfast in the form of their classic pies, the Steak and Cheese as well as their Potato Top Mince. First time to grab a sub as well from the window, which looked amazing but after being warmed but looked totally the opposite after they warmed it.

The pies were consistent, it never had let us down every time we order them. Very solid pie, simple and full of flavours, soft buttery layers of crispy and soft pastry enclosing a rich brown gravy covering tender bite sized chunks of steak marbled with oozing cheese, very reminiscent of the Kiwi favourite Georgie Pie or the original Big Ben pies.

The sub was great as well, definitely not like Subway and the ones we had, tasted like something with an Asian twist, it was savoury with hints of sweetness and creaminess, soft bread with crispy edges as a result of toasting it.

While it’s not like your posh Ponsonby cafes, what they offer here are most of the times better, like I said its simple no Frills, no fancy garnishes, it’s just an honest to goodness pies and pastries.

The Baker’s Cottage
Address: 2 New Bond Street, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand
Phone: =649 846 3299

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