Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store (Puhoi, Auckland, New Zealand)

We have been here numerous times but I had reviewed it only once 6 years ago, in between that period and today we visit this place once in a while specially when we head over to Matakana market, since then they have been delivering consistent quality. Menu had changed a bit as well as the prices, before their big breakfast was NZ$19.50 now a similar menu item is at NZ$25.00. Cheese prices were nearly similar, just a few cents added.

Today, like most of our visits, we were here for a side trip after a short but good 5 km hike at Wenderholm’s Perimeter Path, with a 190 m elevation gain, it was not too much but just enough to keep that heart pumping. Definitely one of the nice scenic walking tracks in Auckland, lush greens and nice blue water. We suggest to do this first before heading to Puhoi to build that hunger for lunch, just like us. Distance from Wenderholm to Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store was just 8.5 kms so it would only take you around 10 minutes’ drive.

Like as mentioned it was not our first time here so we all know the drill. We just waited for our seats and ordered our food. What we usually order here was their meaty and hefty all day breakfast items, we changed a bit this time and tried something else.

First was this Creamy Mushrooms (NZ$16.00), a medley of garlic & balsamic infused mushrooms in a creamy Puhoi Valley mascarpone sauce, served with grilled ciabatta. It was one of my first choice after having a really good experience with the Truffle Mushrooms Medley at Onehunga Cafe, since then I was craving for something different, now let’s see if this will be on par with that amazing dish.

We also grabbed some Puhoi Locally Wood Fired Pizza (NZ$22.00), that day the topping on offer was Prosciutto, Camembert and Olives.

Finally, we have also ordered from the cabinet which we rarely do in cafes and grabbed their BLCT (NZ$13.50), a toasted sesame flatbreads filled with Bacon, Cheddar, Baby spinach, Tomato, Relish served with small side salad.

For the drinks our attendant highly recommended their ice cream drinks, made with their own milk and award-winning ice cream. I know this would be good becuase their flavoured milk is one of the best you can get here in New Zealand. We grabbed two, one was the Colombian Espresso Coffee (NZ$7.50) and the other was the Caramel & White Chocolate (NZ$7.50).

Before heading back home we also grabbed the usual goodies we get here, cheeses and milk. For the cheese we bought some Pakiri Beach Blue, a type of blue cheese with a subtle blue flavour and a soft creamy texture. It has a grey and white rind which adds character to this blue cheese. Then we had this Double Cream Brie, a soft, luxuriously rich and buttery brie made with extra cream to achieve the rich, buttery taste. Then the last cheese was this Cumin Gouda, light and creamy gouda packed with fragrant cumin seeds.

Of course, a visit here won’t be complete without grabbing some milk, so we got some Colombian Espresso Milk to go. This milk takes on the vibrant and strong values of Colombian coffee, balanced by the creaminess of fresh whole milk. Made with cream, fresh milk and single origin Colombian Coffee, this is decadence at its finest.

As usual we love visiting this place, the charm never changes. Set on a nice quiet country side, it’s a perfect spot to grab that brunch on a very slow pace. Food was great, although the mushroom was not as good as the Onehunga Cafe one, anyways it was still amazing. Pizza was the least favourite, I think this is given specially when we had tried the best ones and the proper Italian ones already in Rome. What was surprising though was the one that came from the cabinet, that was our favourite, well balanced flavours and great textures. The ice cream drink was perfect as well, luckily it was recommended to us, otherwise we won’t know that this amazing dessert drink, if there is one reason to go here, I guess this drink can be it.

Overall, this is a highly recommended place, staff were friendly and accommodating, food was great and service was fast even though it was busy

Puhoi Valley Cheese Co
Address: 275 Ahuroa Rd, Puhoi 0951, New Zealand
Phone: +649 422 0619

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