Tea Talk (Hobsonville, Auckland, New Zealand)

At last, there is new milk tea store near our place, now we are not tied to Noah’s Ark anymore when we do crave for one. Located at Hobsonvillein the area where New World is, I am not sure when they opened but as we searched for other alternative to our usual milk tea, last weekend this place showed up on our search results, we were excited.

It was a short drive from our place and it may be tricky to find as its not visible from the road side, but if you see Tok Tok in Hobsonville then it is located at its back. With ample parking just Infront its quite convenient to visit this place. At the time of our visit, they only accept walk ins, although the place was huge with lots of space inside to keep everyone safe there was no dine in option. They have a lot of good choices which we do not see on other Bubble tea shops but on the down side they are quite pricey compared to others, anyways we still grabbed three and see if the price justify what we got.

First of the bubble tea was this Mango Sago (NZ$9.50) the cheapest of the bunch but since I love mangoes this would have to be my favourite, great flavours and the mini sago pearls adds to its character, giving that little burst of gelatinous texture not similar to the large boba, it’s also neutral flavour so it does not compete with the mango flavour.

Then we have the Taro Jasmine Milk Tea (NZ$11.00) made with Taro, Taro Ball, Highland Barley, Oat and Sago we grabbed it warm and to be honest this one feels like a good breakfast item, filled with different grains and jelly, it’s quite a filling one plus the creaminess of the mashed taro, this one was good too.

Finally, we had this Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Mochi (NZ$12.50), at first, I was looking for the mochi because on the poster it was shown on top of the drink, but since it was a takeaway, they clipped it inside hanging downwards soaked in the milk tea. It was a nice addition, not sure if it relevant to the drink at all but it was definitely nice to have. You can treat this as a snack as it is quite filling as well, with all those boba and the mochi.

Did the price make sense? Well, sort of, the quality is different from the others, you can definitely taste the richness of flavours and the serving portions are quite large too, I bet if it is a dollar or two cheaper, then this one is a steal.

Tea Talk Hobsonville 三生茶语
Address: Retail 4, 120 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland 0618, New Zealand
Website: https://tea-talk-hobsonville.business.site/
Phone: +6427 766 6422


2 Responses

  1. They are more like desserts than tea…

  2. suituapui says:

    I wouldn’t mind that Mango Sago…but RM30.00 for just a drink is very steep.

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