My Fried Chicken (Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand)

In Auckland, I think there is no fried chicken place that offers more than two flavours, usually it’s just the spicy or regular. Our restaurant for today definitely offers more than that becuase at My Fried Chicken in Ponsonby you don’t have just two or three flavours, they serve seven different kinds of Chicken and I tried most of them. Apart from chicken they also sell other dishes like Chicken sandwich, tteokbokki, drunken fries, garlic buns and rice bowls. They even offer Korean Fried Chicken Yum Cha. So, if you are a chicken lover it’s a no brainer, this place is a must try.

The last time I tried this is when we had it for delivery at the office, basically it was our chilli appreciation day where most of us brought some sort of chilli product to give it a try. When we all came in, it was funny as everyone brought some type of chilli sauce hence, we decided the best vehicle to bring these sauces into our bellies was a fried chicken.

Initially we thought of having some KFC, but we are all tired to eating the same usual chicken so we tried to look for other option and everyone agreed to grab our chickens at My Fried Chicken. There was a lot of chicken, I think we ordered at least 9 boxes of chicken with at least 6 pieces of chicken in one box. We tried most of the chicken flavour apart from their new menu and here is what they were.

The OG, Lighter Batter Double-Frying Process. Basically, their Original Crispy Chicken, is marinated in mouth-watering blend of 10 herbs & spices, and then double fried in a light & fluffy batter to deliver maximum crispiness & taste. Sounds like KFC that lacks 1 spice, yup but this one is even better.

Hot and Sweet as, Nature’s Gift of Perfect Fermentation. This one will take you on a culinary journey to the clean, fresh, unpolluted fields of Korea. Marinated in the special Gochujang sauce, the Hot & Sweet As chicken is a tribute to their Korean heritage. The sauce is made from sun-dried peppers and soy beans which are fermented for a year, before they are blended in with the peppers in a clay pot to achieve that rich earthy flavour.

Cluck Cluck Soy. This one is marinated in the traditional Korean style dark & sweet soy sauce, called Ganjang, which is infused with fresh garlic, enhancing the sweet taste of the sauce.

Thunderbird. This one comes with a warning; a sucker-punch to the taste buds, only the toughest can handle their hottest fried chicken. Be careful biting into this one!

Every flavour of chicken was spot on, as marketed and described. All were perfectly cooked, crunchy on the outside and very juicy on the inside. Meat was well seasoned, the marinade really seeped through that meat. All of the flavours we truly enjoyed. My favourite was the Hot and Sweet which is a perfect balance of savory and sweet flavours with hints of sourness.

We first tried them as they are but after doing so, we then dig in and tried different hot sauces they my team had brought. The hot sauces were perfect with the original ones so you can taste the real flavour of the chilli, everything was so hot specially the California Reaper and the Fire Dragon Chillies, some of them are so hot you can’t taste the flavour of what you are eating, it’s just extreme pain on every bite. My favourite one was the home-made ones, basically it’s an Indonesian sambal, it was still hot as hell but there was flavour, you can taste a lot of umami possibly because of the terasi used.

It was fun activity to do at work specially if everyone loves spicy food. And yes, those chickens are the perfect vessel for these sauces, definitely would want to try this again perhaps it would be great with an ice-cold beer or some soju on the side.

My Fried Chicken
Address: Ponsonby Central, 4 Brown Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011, New Zealand
Phone: +649 218 6840
Website: https://myfriedchicken.co.nz/

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