Lake View Dining (Queenstown, New Zealand)

“Culinary delights served in modern surroundings and topped off with the panoramic view of one of New Zealand’s most iconic lake Wakatipu”, this is what we were expecting when we booked this place but because it was heavily raining that day and the sun had already set the time we visited, it was just a big glass window in front of us and it was pitch black outside. This was the day we hiked the Hooker Valley Track so it was not a big disappointment not so see what’s outside as our eyes just had a feast on that beautiful track, at the same time we were quite tired and hungry all we care about is some warm and delicious food.

As we sat down that night, we were totally lifeless after a long hike and a three-hour drive. We did not care what to order so we just pick things that we think can give us comfort. We started with some drink and for me I grabbed some ice-cold beer, ordering one of my favourites, Asahi Super Dry, the first bottle was a breeze and did quench my thirst and alleviate my tiredness. Succeeding ones were enjoyed slowly as we wait for our orders to arrive.

It felt like ages as we wait for our food so we checked the timing from the photos we took. At 6:18 pm we had the menus and ordered, by 6:27 pm our drinks arrived and by 7:08 pm the first orders just came in at 7:15 pm the last orders came. That was 50 minutes of wait time, luckily while waiting most of the time is we were either drinking or half asleep because of a long tiring day, if that was not the case it would have been even felt slower, probably I even had a quick nap while waiting.

So, we started with some their soup of the day (NZ$8.00) which was a pumpkin soup served with garlic bread. This was quite comforting specially with our condition and it was cold outside. It was gone in a matter of seconds.

Then we had some Mushroom cream sauce truffle essence Penne Pasta (NZ$25.00). Served in a really big serving bowl which made it look small in quantity but it was not, this was quite a hefty pasta serving. Really good flavours, it was nice and creamy, the mushroom flavours stood out but I can’t taste that truffle essence and I am confused with that one radish garnish on top.

Then we had this Meat Lovers Pizza (NZ$18.00), it was topped with bacon, chicken, chorizo and BBQ sauce. Nothing special on this not like your wood fired pizza with chewy dough. This one was just normal, not as exciting but not bad as well.

Finally, our favourite order the Lamb shank Rogan Josh (NZ$32.00) served with Masala mash. This was so good, it looks like the usual Lamb Shank on mashed potatoes but instead being cooked in red wine and tomatoes, it was cooked in a really nice Rogan Josh sauce. We really enjoyed this one, we even ordered rice on the side. The meat was tender, the sauce was perfectly spiced and everything was so comforting.

While our visit was riddled with slow service and pitch-black views some dishes redeemed that, the pasta and lamb dishes were phenomenal we forgot everything that was bad that night. Hopefully we can try this place again in the future because I want to order that Rogan Josh again but in a view that we can enjoy and savour with the food.

Lake View Dining
Address: 594 Frankton Road, Queenstown 9348, New Zealand
Phone: +643 442 6500


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  1. That’s an amazing view! I love that lamb shank .

  2. suituapui says:

    That view sure takes my breath away…and yes, that lamb shank too!

  3. Oh what a spectacular and breathtaking view – absolutely gorgeous!

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