The Source Bulk Foods (Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand)

I had seen this shop so many times in the past, first in Milford, next in Kumeu, then I saw something similar but a different shop in Te Atatu. I have been wanting to visit on any of these shops as I saw a lot of grains and dried beans on containers as seen from outside the store but I never had a reason to come in to one until recently. During the last few weeks, I was planning to make this sweet white bean snack I usually buy in a sari sari store in the Philippines during my younger years. I had no luck in finding its key ingredient, the dried white beans. I tried the usual supermarket or Asian grocery that we usually visit but there was no luck, all I see are the canned ones. I then remembered these shops that I saw before, I realised that I had passed by a branch near the place where I live. Now that I have a reason to go in one of the stores, so I did.

Upon entering their Kumeu shop, I immediately fell in love with the place, the creative side of me already thought of making several recipes I cannot make before. I had to contain myself otherwise I will end up with purchases I will never use so for this visit I will just buy what I need and scout the shop on what I need in the future so I can plan for my shopping spree the next time around.

I love the concept of this place, everything is sold in bulk, this means you have the option to get what you need. For example, a recipe states to use only 230g of lentils, you get 230g and not 400g of canned item, which means no wasted food or no added stress on how to use the left over. They also have an impressive range of bulk wholefoods, healthy snacks and organic goodies as well as sustainable personal and household products. From beans, lentils, grains, cereals, chocolates, lollies, tea, spices and dried fruits, they have a lot on offer. They also have milk, kombucha and even cleaning liquids that you can grab and fill your own containers.

What’s even better is that a lot of what they sell turns out to be cheaper because of its bulk nature, there are also no packaging involved so no extra cost is added, plus you help a bit in saving our planet because you don’t have this packaging that becomes a landfill afterwards. In their site the facts are clearly stated, 300,000 Kg’s of packaging waste are saved by buying bulk and 50,000,000 plastic bags are saved from production by The Source Bulk Foods.

It is a really neat place; I love how it looks and I love how everything is organised. It’s like an OCD persons dream place; everything is in white containers or see-through jars that are arranged in a nice ordered manner. Like I said it’s a great concept especially when you think about the hidden benefits in shopping into one, hopefully a lot will follow suit, some of the supermarkets already have a bulk section but hopefully it turns out into something like this.

The Source Bulk Foods
Address: 49 Main Road, Kumeu, Auckland 0810, New Zealand
Phone :+649 412 2492


3 Responses

  1. I thought ‘bulk food’ meaning that you have to buy them by kilo, or carton…

  2. suituapui says:

    Yes, it really is a neat place, so clinically clean. Love it! Aha! The magic word! Cheaper!!! That’s good!

  3. Ah, you are so lucky to have this place near you! We had a place we loved before we moved, but sadly there is nothing quite like that up where we live now. I love shopping in bulk like this!

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