Top 14 Best Degustation Feeds in Auckland

Degustation or Tasting Menu in my opinion is the best dining experience you can ever try, it’s an event where you can enjoy the best dishes that a chef on a certain restaurant can offer. It showcases the talent of the restaurants staff preparing small dishes executed in perfection using the best ingredients they can gather. These dishes are executed in the greatest manner possible combining art and chemistry to bring out the best of elements on a dish. Usually with degustation there are least 5 to 9 dishes served but the maximum can be of any number the chef want to showcase, having said that it comes with a hefty price tag since it is not just good food you are having, it’s an experience to all of your senses.

One of my dream degustation places to try is in Noma located in Denmark where it will set you around DKK 2,800 or US$ 450.00 a pop but is nothing apart from ordinary, what you will experience here is a degustation of 19 dishes that is exotic, artful, delicious and the elements are well thought of to say the least. We were already near the place when we visited Denmark few months before COVID started but since they are always fully booked, we never got a place. Since then we just enjoyed what my home city has to offer while all of the restaurant in this list are not as extreme, they do hold the same virtues of what degustation means, all of which are an amazing experience to savour for a lifetime.

Today we are listing Top 14 Best Degustation Feeds in Auckland and since I live in a country where all food are of high quality, all you can expect on what the restaurants on this list have to offer are more than exceptional.

Ebisu (Auckland CBD, New Zealand) 10


Quay Street
Our review of Ebisu
If you are int Japanese and Seafood then this is your place, think about abalone (paua), salmon, tuna, hamachi, oysters, scallops, scampi and toothfish, they serve the best food the ocean has to offer. They also make this amazing Broccolini with yuzu hollandaise but one thing unforgettable to me the last time we dined in here was the melt in your mouth A4 Kagoshima Black Wagyu.

as of this date
price per person (minimum two people) NZ$125.00
with premium wine match + NZ$70.00



Think of Indian and Kiwi fusion, a marriage of intense flavours and amazing produce, turn that into an edible art form. One of the best plated dishes you will ever encounter, they are so pretty it’s hard to break it with that fork. Add to that the option of exclusive Chef’s Table where you will be treated to a culinary show live from their kitchen right in front of you. Truly this place mastered the art of culinary entertainment.

as of this date
price per person for 5 Courses NZ$140.00
with classic wine match + NZ$95
with premium wine match + NZ$125

price per person for 7 Courses NZ$180.00
with classic wine match + NZ$115
with premium wine match + NZ$165


Our review of Azabu

Have you ever imagined a fusion between Peruvian and Japanese cuisine? Yes it exists and you can easily grab them in Azabu, things like tuna ceviche, sushi with chia, tataki tostada and karaage with aji Amarillo mayo, these are just a few examples on what this place has to offer. And did I mentioned they have large servings for a tasting menu? They call it omakase menu for a reason, in Japan that means “respectfully leaving another to decide what is best”

as of this date
price per person (Omakase MENU) NZ$69.00, NZ$85.00, NZ$105.00



On all their set menus, degustation is the most affordable one, so whatever comes after that is definitely more than a luxurious experience. Think about a sashimi platter that is served with 25+ different varieties of seafood and 5 varieties of sauces and that’s just one part of the multi course meal. Do I need to say more? Certainly this place is one of the legendary Japanese degustation in Auckland.

as of this date
price per person for Degustation Course NZ$135.00
with sake & wine match + NZ$90.00

price per person for Sushi & Sashimi course NZ$245.00
with sake & wine match + NZ$95.00

price per person for Signature course NZ$295.00
with sake & wine match + NZ$95.00


Fort Lane

It’s very rare to see modern degustation Indian dining restaurants and I am pretty much sure this is the only one in New Zealand. An elevated take on the Indian cuisine but the price does not reflect that, with a good selection dishes from their Cassia Journey Menu, it is hard to believe that they only charge NZ$80.00 a pop, so it’s a good place to start your degustation journey if you haven’t done it yet. It is certainly easy on the wallet but big and bold on taste.

as of this date
price per person for Cassia Journey Menu NZ$80.00
with beverage match + NZ$80.00

The Sugar Club

Corner of Federal and Victoria Streets
Our review of The Sugar Club

If you are after for a nice view and a nice dinner, I guess no one can beat The Sugar Club, nestled 53-floors above Auckland’s glittering skyline, you will have a sweeping view of the Auckland City harbour. Food really great here and you have options for Vegan and non-Vegan diners. Think of Jerusalem Artichoke, Pork Jowl and Ora King Salmon, they champion seasonality, combining the best in local sustainably sourced produce with the boldest flavours from around the world. Add to that the great staff that caters to everything you need, when we dined in here, we were welcomed and accommodated by at least 6 staff serving us wine and food. What’s even better here is that their wine match is the most affordable out of this list, at NZ$65.00 that is a steal.

as of this date
price per person for Tasting Menu NZ$145.00
with wine match + NZ$65.00

price per person for Plant-Based Tasting Menu NZ$129.00
with wine match + NZ$65.00

Paris Butter

Herne Bay

French Inspired and New Zealand Grown, that is their tagline so all you would expect in this place is nothing but fresh and great produce, stunning flavours and finesse in execution and that’s just in its most basic form they do hold events once in a while to showcase New Zealand’s produce, events like Truffle Dinners, Wine Dinners and Next Generation chef series. And if you are in for a more exciting treat why not try their Test Kitchen Tuesdays where you can try their wildest creation that pushes the boundaries of their kitchen talents. Menu here changes a lot so you don’t know what to expect but they will be the best.

as of this date
price per person for 7 Courses (Menu du Chef) NZ$170.00
with beverage match + NZ$200
with premium wine match + NZ$200


Eden Terrace

With a mission of “Making their guests smile”, certainly this place achieves this on a regular basis. This chic and contemporary restaurant is a joyful combination of East and West, where dishes from Europe are infused with a Japanese flair. Think of Wagyu, crayfish, caviar, and truffles, all of which you can enjoy in their premium menu. While most restaurants signature dish are protein based at Kazuya, they have this dish called “Texture”, as salad served with 30 textured seasonal vegetables and prosciutto.

as of this date
price per person for 7 Courses (Premium) NZ$195.00
price per person for 7 Courses NZ$150.00
price per person for 5 Courses NZ$120.00

Culprit (Auckland CBD, New Zealand) 4


Wyndham Street
Our review of Culprit

Have you heard of Yum Cha, this is what these guys do, but instead of Chinese dishes stacked up on the carts they are serving entrees like Pacific Oysters, Sashimi, Tartare, Chicken Liver and Beef Cheeks to name some, they call this trolley service. That is just one part for the experience because what they offer here is quite special, usually some of that what they serve here are the off cuts or unwanted vegetables which was given some special attention and treatment that made it similar if not better than their expensive and wanted counterparts. Some of those dishes are bone marrow, pork jowl, Brussel sprouts, ugly carrots, and jet planes. Basically it’s just like an ugly duckling story.

as of this date
price per person for Epic Menu NZ$99.00
with beverage match + NZ$65.00, NZ$85.00

Sid at The French Cafe

Eden Terrace

Third restaurant by Sid Sahrawat in this list, this guy really knows how to run the best fine dining restaurants here in Auckland. While both of his restaurants have hints of Indian on it, this place is mainly French from food, atmosphere, and decors. What’s good in here is that there is a chance for you to try all of Sid’s restaurants under the one roof, you can do that by booking the Gaggenau Tuesday Test Kitchens where you will be able to enjoy a taste of all three of chef’s award-winning restaurants – Sidart, Cassia and Sid at the French Café. During this event guests can come up to watch the chefs work on the appliances, ask questions, and even help plate dishes on a specialised kitchen designed to be interactive.

as of this date
price per person for 6 Courses tasting menu NZ$170.00
with wine match + NZ$140.00

Huami Nectar Tasting Menu (Auckland CBD, New Zealand) 13


Corner of Federal and Victoria Streets
Our review of Huami

If you love Chinese, then this is the tasting menu for you. With all familiar dishes on showcase, you will feel at home at this place but instead of your usual ingredients what they use here are quality and premium produce which makes a lot of difference. Also true to Chinese cuisine tradition, they serve generously here, and this is definitely one of the places we came out with our bellies busting with deliciousness. By the way, one of their specialties is this fruit wood-roasted Peking duck and that is one reason you would want to dine in here.

as of this date
price per person for Huami Nectar Menu (minimum two people) menu NZ$96.00
including a glass of Perrier-Jouët
Grand Brut Champagne each

price per person for Huami Winter Menu (minimum two people) menu NZ$78.00

The Grove

Wyndham St

If degustation is not enough then upgrade, it even further by personalising your degustation dining experience and this is what the grove has to offer. This is the country’s best and it was named the ninth best restaurant in the world as part of website TripAdvisor’s 2018 Travellers’ Choice Restaurants Awards. Now do I need to explain further? Whether you choose 4, 5, 6 or 7 courses nothing can go wrong.

as of this date
price per person for 7 Courses NZ$185.00
with wine match + NZ$140
with premium wine match + NZ$230

price per person for 6 Courses NZ$165.00
price per person for 5 Courses NZ$155.00
price per person for 4 Courses NZ$130.00

Masu (Auckland CBD, New Zealand) 26


Federal Street
Our review of Masu

This is my favourite out of this list, and I had tried both of their Degustation offer in the same day. On the Tokusen there are 14 dishes served and for the Shomi there are 8. It’s a feast on all of your senses, everything was well executed and spot on. Service was phenomenal, it felt like there was someone at our side every time so your water if always full and you will never have any used plates hanging around in front of you for so long. Don’t let the small servings fool you, as everything here will fill you up in a very nice way. And one final thing, what’s best in here is their desserts.

as of this date
price per person for Masu Tokusen Menu NZ$140.00
with beverage match + NZ$75.00

price per person for Masu Shomi Manu NZ$95.00
with beverage match + NZ$60.00



Ok this one is quite special, I haven’t been here but it’s one of the places I want to try soon, Pasture. I guess this is the best on this list, why? It is a tiny open-kitchen restaurant with no tables with 6 seats. They only have one set menu that is designed for the season and driven by their wood-fire, fermentation, and time, they serve 17-23 courses, depending on their menu and this is revolves around working with whole animals, seafood, and line-caught fish. They practice their own preservation, charcuterie, dry aging, baking and cheesemaking. They equally invest time and creativity into our beverages in order to offer alcoholic or non-alcoholic matches. Their drinks list celebrates provenance & minimal intervention producers. And to top it all off the meal here lasts around 3-3.5 hours. All of that comes with a price which changes based on what they serve, roughly it will be around NZ$290.00 to NZ$315.00 a pop.

as of this date
price per person varies depending on the menu
requires $50.00 per person deposit

So there you go, everything on this list may be expensive for you but trust me they are all worth it, starting from NZ$69.00 up to NZ$315.00 for a dinner sounds like a waste of money but consider the amount of effort, time and talent used in producing the ingredients and the dishes served in front of you, then you will understand why. Remember degustation is a representation of all of a chef’s signature dishes in one sitting, so you will only expect the best and nothing less.


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    Culprit is the one with bone marrow

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