Hey I am Yogost (Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand)

The last time we had this, it was in the city, from there we learned that fruity flavours are what’s best for yoghurt desserts or drinks that is why this time we will order the fruity ones and not the flavours like taro, coffee, brown pearl, red bean and pumpkin. The place we visited this time was the one in Corinthian Drive in Albany and we came here just after dinner.

This time we are getting a different flavour and instead of our favourite flavour Rice Mango Romance we grabbed some Straw and Berries (NZ$12.80) and
Lychee Go (NZ$12.80). At this location you will see how they make it since the store is quite bigger and the counter can accommodate more people so you can just hang around in front of it and see the process involved in making one. They also have a large area to enjoy your drink on shop. Was quite surprised when I saw this because I never knew they use that much yoghurt to make one serving, it’s like at least 60-70% yoghurt from what I experienced, the rest was the sugar ice and other flavours. So it’s basically drinking yoghurt like the Indian Mango Lassi.

The flavours that we grabbed was much better than the taro we had before, the Straw and Berries was the best of the two as the lychee felt it needed more lychee on it. We still prefer the mango over our two new orders as it matches really well with the tangy yoghurt. So if you are a noobie then anything with a sweet-sour fruit flavour would be my suggestion.

Hey! I am Yogost Albany 我是酸奶君
Address: 8B/23 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Website: https://www.yogost.co.nz/


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  1. The one with hawthorns sounds interesting.

  2. suituapui says:

    My girl enjoys yogurt. I guess it has health benefits?

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