Fortuna Buffet Restaurant (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

Of all the Buffet restaurants in Auckland– perhaps my most visited one is our restaurant today, Fortuna, not because I love what they offer but when it comes to affordability alongside its offering, I guess you will get me most value at this place. This is the reason why when there is someone who is celebrating a special occasion that involves many guests then this is one of the default places that will come into mind. That many times I was here, most of them were invites but I did treated visitors in New Zealand at this place too. At NZ$27.90 for weekend lunch or NZ$39.90 for weekend dinner that is quite hard to beat.

I won’t review the exact dishes I ate during this last visit but what I will be pointing out are the things I noticed in General of all my visits. I am doing that because their menu changes from time to time and it will be hard to review a place just because of the onetime scenario that you had something good or bad. So here you go.

Upon entering the place you will see a really long buffet table where it is spread almost across the whole length of the place. At first it looks impressive as you would think their spread is quite huge but if you look closely what is offered on one half is similar to the other, where it both starts on a salad section on both ends then meet in the middle where the carvery is. There might be some occasions that some dishes are different but in my most visits majority if not all are the same. The carvery most probably will be the most expensive offer on this buffet where you get either ham or other roasted meats. Beside it are usually pizza squares and other fried items.

Moving outwards from the carvery you will be presented with hot dishes, like meats with sauces, stews, vegetables and much more. Pasta, rice, and other form of carbohydrates are also in this section. What you will notice is that in this section the meats used are the inexpensive cuts, so you won’t see any ribeye, lamb racks and other similar cuts in this area.

Moving further outward are the cold food section where you will have your pickled items, salads, and cold seafood in here. Perhaps you will get the most of what you paid here because this is where the prawns are served, and if you are lucky, they have oysters too. There are mussels as well, but you can get this really cheap in the supermarket, so I usually don’t bother. As for the salads, nothing to rave about, it’s just a salad which you probably can do a better one at home.

The soup section can’t be found in this area and it’s just in front of the carvery where most of the times they offer two varieties. Freshly baked breads are located just beside those huge vats of hot soup. Most soups I tried here was just OK, never had a really good one for the many visits that we had, so if you are not a big fan of soups, just skip this place and probably save that extra space for desserts which is my favourite part in Fortuna.

In most buffet places this is what they usually don’t give much attention too, the desserts, but in Fortuna it’s a different story, they have one of the best selection of desserts in a buffet restaurant here, apart from Eight of course. There are at least 12 different desserts to choose from at any given time, plus there are cheeses, fruit jellies, fresh fruits, and nuts that you can enjoy with it. If you are a sweet tooth then this section is already worth what you paid for even though they are not expensively made desserts, they do look like one and what’s important of all is that they are all amazing. I am not a sweet tooth myself, but I did this part of Fortuna, anyways did I mentioned they have ice creams too?

To top everything up there is a complimentary coffee and tea section to wash all of that dessert. Soft drinks incur an extra charge.

So if you want the best value for money Buffet experience then Fortuna is the best that Auckland has to offer, though not all dishes are rave worthy, there are a lot of well-made ones, there are some numerous choices and a good selection of desserts. It is also located in the centre of Auckland CBD and the place looks way much more presentable than other buffet restaurant of the same calibre. Can’t say much about service since you do mostly everything on your own, from getting the food, preparing your drinks, and paying for your meal but plates are fresh every time you go back to your seat.

Fortuna Buffet Restaurant
Address: SkyCity Auckland, Level 3/72 Victoria Street West, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

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  1. That cheese platter looks good. I need to find a steak buffet LOL….had a huge T-bone today…life is good with steak :-))

  2. suituapui says:

    NZ$27.90 for weekend lunch or NZ$39.90 for weekend dinner is really very reasonable!!! I do not need a lot of choices, just a few good dishes would be good enough – can’t possibly eat that much!

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