Kumeu Market – A Visual Essay

This is our first time at the Kumeu Market, we never heard of this before when we were still living in North Shore but now that we moved to Northwest we got introduced to this market via road signs that we see along the way as we drive past the road here. Unlike most Auckland market this one does not happen on a regular weekend basis and is only open on third Sundays of the months April to November and second Sunday of December.

I love this place, it has a different feel compared to the others, the location would contribute to that ambiance since it is located in a very nice farm setting in Kumeu Showgrounds. A visit here is like no other, it is very relaxing and tranquil compared to other Auckland markets like Avondale and Takapuna, where it is overcrowded, quite busy and noisy. Layout is quite interesting as there are some outdoor stalls and indoor stalls using barns, this means rain or shine you will enjoy this place. What I also notice is that most products and food that are sold here are of good quality, none of the crappy stuff you see from other markets.

There were a lot of stalls, probably more than 100 plus and roughly 20 of those were 20 food stalls. What’s usually sold here are New Zealand Crafts (soap, apparel, kitchen things, jewelleries), local produce (cheese, veggies, liquor), breads/pastries plus some live music, kiddie rides and carnival games.

Food choices are also plenty where you have choices from different cuisines like American, Kiwi, Fusion, Indian, Hungarian, French, Mexican and even Rwandan. For those with special requirements there are many gluten free, vegan, and other options around. I haven’t taken much photos during this last visit as I was impressed at this place but nevertheless here, they are.

Kumeu Market
Email: kumeumarket@gmail.com
Phone: +64210 403 218
Website: https://www.facebook.com/KumeuMarket/


4 Responses

  1. sherry says:

    this looks like fun raymund.

  2. Chef mimi says:

    Wow, what a market! Did I ever ask you if you’d been to Saffron in Arrowtown? It was a great restaurant.

  3. That’s a market that I would love to visit too.

  4. suituapui says:

    I went to the Farmers’ Market at Parnell and loved every moment of it there, so very nice.

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