The Pie Shop (Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand)

Let’s start this review by saying this.
“This is the most expensive savoury pie that I ever bought in my life!” At NZ$10.00 for a single serve pie, this costs more than twice the price of an average meat pie here in New Zealand. While there are other expensive pies out there, it seems like the average price of the pricey pies are in this NZ$10.00 mark. At the moment meat pies averages at around NZ$4.50 but you can buy cheap ones at around NZ$1.50 from the supermarket. So the question, is that NZ$10.00 worth it? was the pie really good?

Since moving to Westgate, I have been wanting to try this Pie Shop that I always see when I pass by it on the way to Kumeu. I was intrigued with its name and the looks of this place, the vibrant red colour of the walls and the shiny gold lining, it feels like an old English train carriage. There are al-fresco seating which always have patrons sitting and enjoying their pies, and this is one the things that enticed me to pay this place a visit.

Several weeks ago, that was the day that I decided to stop by and see that these guys offer. Upon entering the place I was surprised how big it was, it is bigger than most restaurants here in New Zealand and to think they are only selling pies and nothing else, I was impressed. Usually a place like this will just be a stall but this one is a full-blown restaurant like location.

As mentioned, they only sell pies and some drinks so your options are not that many, but if you are after for a pie, this might be your place. They have five pie options and a sausage roll, drinks and three types of sweets. Nothing more, nothing less. For the pies they have the classic steak and cheese which they call Master, minced beef and cheese which they call Commander, chicken pie which they call Bella, chilli and cheese pie which they call Maverick and; bacon and egg which is confusingly named as rooster. The sausage roll is named as Sidekick.

At this visit we tried three items, the Master, the Bella, and Sidekick. These were big pies; it was quite heavy so the minute you grab them you know this pie is filled with something chunky and good. The crust was very flaky and not too oily, in fact this is the first thing I noticed because when you order a pie in a dairy for takeaway, they place it in a brown paper bag. Usually this bag absorbs a lot of oil, but for the pies at this place, I barely saw some oil marks. Slight concerning because it’s the fat that brings a lot of flavour on a dish, does this mean their pies are not tasty? Cracking the pie open is a delight, it was full of meat! The steak and cheese (NZ$10.00) was filled with chunks of beef and melting cheese on top, while the chicken (NZ$10.00) was also similar, but instead of gravy this pie is seasoned with Italian lemon and Parmesan.

The Sidekick (NZ$6.00) too was good, the mince was juicy and very tasty. The pastry was perfect as well.

They definitely make some good serious pies here, now I understand why some people are willing to pay NZ$10.00 and drive all the way to Kumeu for this one. For me I am not prepared to pay that amount for this type of pie, but if it’s over the top good well yes, I will but this one is just pie that is done really well. I may be stingy but I will pay NZ$7.00 max for this one, with NZ$10.00 I can buy other better food than this, sorry I can’t justify the price for my reasons but for those of you who are willing to pay that amount, well go for it, their pies might be good enough for you.

The Pie Shop
Address: 68 Main Road, Auckland 0810, New Zealand
Phone: +649 412 2277

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4 Responses

  1. May be expensive but they sure look good! Love pie!

  2. Steak and cheese for me please 🙂 The pie shop sounds really wonderful…more expensive, but definitely look worthy of every single penny.

  3. suituapui says:

    It would depend on how good they are. We have one place here, the beef pies were RM10 each. Expensive but very nice, value for money but because of poor quality control (or maybe the chef left), I do not bother going for those anymore.

  4. Hannah says:

    What a fun spot! Looks like it’s worth the price for those generous servings, and for the quality flavors, of course!

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