Juicy New Zealand Strawberries (Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand)

A few years ago West Auckland particularly starting from Whenuapai up to Parakai was quite rural but nowadays these places started to become urban and a lot of new establishments and houses are being built on a daily basis on a very fast pace. 10 years ago when we visit these suburbs it was either a walk in a nature trail, a swim on a hot spring, get some wine in the amazing wineries, fruit picking or the chill in the West Coast beaches, now because of these new places it now a place to visit for some restaurants, bars and even ice cream shops.

One year ago we did not even know we will buy a property around this vicinity, also during that time we also visited a really popular place to get some fresh fruit ice cream at Phil Greig, this fruit ice cream was the only establishment in this highway and they do get a lot of patrons visiting them on a regular basis. Today there are few of them already and we visited one after discovering it when we were checking out what Huapai and Kumeu had to offer.

This place get a lot of customers too, in fact we will not notice it if there was no queue in front of their place, it is located near Phil Greig so this part of the highway can be really busy specially during summer months. Both places serve ice cream, but this place don’t just specialize on fresh fruit ice cream, but they do have several gelato, sorbet, and espresso as well.

The place is quite decent, they have an indoor area with nice retro American decor which reminds me of the old wooden diners but the large outdoor is way much better, it’s like a picnic area in the countryside. We tried three different things when we were here, two gelato flavours and their frozen yoghurt. For the gelato we got some Rubiello and Bubble Gum and for the frozen yoghurt we grabbed the fresh strawberries. Gelato is at NZ$5.00 a scoop, NZ$6.50 for two and NZ$8.50 for three. Soft serve yoghurts are NZ$5.00 for a small one and NZ$6.00 for a medium. Prices are quite reasonable; in fact it is quite cheaper than most which is quite surprising specially for an establishment that has been voted as Auckland Top 10 Ice Cream shops. Those gelatos were great, they tasted amazing, it was one of the best ice creams we tried. The yoghurt is on the sweet-sour side, which I really liked.

If you live in Auckland this place is definitely worth a try especially when you pass by it on your way to Muriwai or Woodhill Forest. We will definitely visit this place a lot specially that its just 10 minutes away from where we live.

Juicy New Zealand Strawberries
Address: 0892/505 State Highway 16, Kumeū 0892, New Zealand
Phone: +6421 585 319

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  1. wow all sorts of ice cream! Good price, quality ice cream…awesome!

  2. suituapui says:

    We had strawberries at a lot of places in NZ/Auckland but not Kumeu. Did drive past though:

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