Duck Duck Goose (North Shore City, New Zealand)

We have been busy working our ass out renovating our old place, it’s quite something new to me since I usually sit by my quiet desk doing office work eight hours a day, five times a week. It’s totally opposite of office work, where you have to stretch your muscles and bones to achieve the task. While I do my fair share of exercise via sports like Basketball, Touch Rugby, and Badminton on a regular basis, sweat coming from renovation work is quite different, it is hard work. New Zealand have a very good DIY culture hence these tasks are common here, several weeks ago in a span 2 weekends we managed to demolish the kitchen, fixed the wooden floors, did some grout work, a bit of plumbing work, landscape the surroundings of the place, clean the place and dispose of the garbage it created, all of which involved a lot or carrying, hammering, bending, etc, what’s even surprising there was just two of us doing the job.

Anyways, after our last round just after finishing up with the renovation, we had a late lunch, probably it was around 2PM. We did not have anywhere in mind where to eat so we headed to Rosedale where we know there are a lot of restaurants after discovering this place when we visited KS Chicken a week back, I remembered that dumpling place we passed by so this is what I hoped for. After a short drive we arrived but sadly the place looks like it’s only opens on weekdays luckily there were other places open otherwise I would die of hunger. Near the dumpling place was this cafe looking restaurant called Duck Duck Good, cafes are my last resort but after checking the menu they offer rice, rejoice!

Duck Duck Goose offers different Asian dishes from Takoyaki, Curries, Noodle Soups, Vietnamese Salad and yes they do have cafe menu like toasts, omelettes and burgers like such, so it’s a good place for partners if one likes cafe items and the other likes Asian dishes. For us we both liked rice so it’s not an issue. We then sat and ordered.

First, we grabbed some Lunch Special (NZ$11.50) and chose Beef Brisket, basically stir-fried beef brisket with their special sauce, served with rice and vegetables. Serving size was OK, especially when you consider this is not the full order as Lunch Specials are meant for quick eat and go. It was tasty, more on the salty side but with rice, it all evens it out. Good value, I say.

Next was a full order of Duck Curry (NZ20.00) made with Crispy Duck confit, vegetables, and coconut rice. You can add on a dollar for some Miso or Wonton soup, which I did. Can of coke can also be added for NZ$2.50. The curry was of good portion, there were three pieces in there, a whole leg and thigh, I can’t recognize the other piece as it was so soft. The curry was flavourful and was a perfect match with the coconut rice. It was one good curry.

Overall we are satisfied, while the Lunch Special fall out of our expectation, the Duck Curry redeemed it. The serving size was ample specially for us who were quite hungry after some hard work from the renovation. As for the place it was clean, staff were friendly, insides was quite bright and ample parking. Would definitely recommend the full meal as opposed to the Lunch Special anytime.

Duck Duck Goose Eatery
Address: 6/56 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 940 4704

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  1. What an interesting name for a restaurant! The curry looks nice.

  2. suituapui says:

    Duck curry? That’s new. We have roast duck, braised five-spice duck and duck done in other ways, but never curry. Dunno why.

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