Hi Sweety Hot Spicy Pot (亲爱de麻辣烫)(Henderson, Waitakere, New Zealand)

This place is one of the last restaurants we haven’t tried in this commercial block in Henderson, not that I don’t like it but my wife can’t handle too much spice and its only me and my daughter will enjoy this types of restaurant. One time I had a chance to bring out my daughter for a date, only me and her, immediately this was the place that came into my mind first, the Hi Sweety Hot Spicy Pot. This occasion was rare because we usually go out together as a family but this time my wife was unavailable, so I took the opportunity.

We came in for an early dinner and the place was quite empty which was quite surprising. At first, I was hesitant because an empty restaurant is a sign of a bad food, but I was craving for some soup and something spicy, so I removed that hesitation and gave it a shot.

I am not sure what the name of this dining concept but it’s those ones you grab ingredients, they weigh it in, choose your soup style and they cook. You basically pay the weight of the ingredients you grabbed, so the hungrier you are the expensive it gets. My choice of ingredients are almost similar to what my daughter got. What we added into that bowl were lamb, several types of fish balls, tendons, bean curd, mushrooms, spinach, and noodles. We just differed in two ingredients where she had additional beef marrow and the noodle type was different.

We both opted for the spicy beef bone soup but there are other options like tomato, green pepper, chicken soup, mushroom, tomato, and Chinese sauerkraut. Spiciness level can be adjusted for all, so you don’t have to cry and burn your tongue as you eat, we chose medium spicy. After this all you must do is sit down and relax as the chef prepares them for you. Minutes later you have your hot bowl of soup.

First impressions were good, it smells good and the serving size was huge, those bowl were massive, and they don’t skimp on the soup. First slurp, I was in heaven that soup tasted amazing, I am sure it is made with some beef bones that were boiled for long periods of time as the colour the stock was white.

They used seasonings as well, probably the similar seasonings used on instant noodles as it has a hint of that usual taste, regardless, I love how it tasted. The first sip was good then as you wait, the spiciness kicks in without you knowing, as you enjoy the umami from the broth suddenly this chilli kick punches you in the face in a good way.

It was a painful but a pleasurable experience, my daughter who eats the spicy buldak ramen on a regular basis, cried on this dish but she loved it, she just needed a bit of help from a yoghurt drink to cool her mouth down.

It was hard to finish because there is a lot of soup at the same time it is spicy, it’s just pleasure and pain together but the pleasure weighs much more so you tend to continue. I love it, the taste, the experience, the cleanliness of the place and everything. Price is OK, they charge you for NZ$4.00 per 100g, our orders where roughly in between 500g and 600g, so it was between NZ$20.00 and NZ$24.00 for us. if I have one complain then it has to be the free chocolates, I am pretty much sure they are dated, as I tried one, it tasted off, probably no one gets this free stuff and they don’t bother to replace them with new ones.

Address: 2A/301 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland 0610, New Zealand
Phone: +649 928 0068

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4 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    Very trendy, very popular here but not for me…and it can be quite expensive too! Best to buy the ingredients and have our own at home.

  2. The soup looks very flavourful. I am glad that you and your daughter enjoyed it. Sorry about off taste of chocolate, but I guess that’s why it’s free.

  3. Ron says:

    A great restaurant concept and one I experienced many times in China. You just picked the raw ingredients and the kitchen cooked it. It was always fresh and tasty. Now, I’ve got to try and remember what that type of restaurant is called…

  4. Ah, I don’t think we have any restaurants like this here in our area. (NYC probably does, but that’s 3 hours from us…) I like the concept! And I love that you took your daughter out on a date – it sounds like a good time was had by all! (Well, minus the crying…but that wasn’t for being sad. Haha.)

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