KS Chicken (North Shore City, New Zealand)

If you are looking for some KFC short for Korean Fried Chicken, then this place may be the best out there. Located in Rosedale in Triton Drive its quite accessible specially to people who live in North Shore. It’s just sad we came here on a weekend because on weekdays they serve things differently where they have a variety of salads plus you can try three chicken varieties for NZ$14.00. On weekends it’s just chicken and rice but it is still worth it, we are here for the chicken anyways, salad was just a bonus.

What they offer here are different Korean Chicken varieties where you have the option to choose from whole chicken (chopped of course), boneless and nibbles. From there you choose a flavour from original, crispy, Korean spicy hot and spicy soy, BBQ garlic soy, honey butter, snowy, onion seasoning and padak. Then finally the portions Half, Half and Half (two flavours) and Whole. It is then served with coleslaw, radish, and rice.

We tried most of the varieties on other places but what’s interesting on their menu was this Snowy Chicken, first time I heard of it, so this is what we ordered. It was freshly cooked so you will have to wait for a bit and as you wait trust me you will be hungry, the scent inside was filled with fried chicken goodness.

When our orders were ready, I was surprised, it came exactly like the photo and it smelled milky, I then took my first bite and that snow they called was powdered milk and it blended really well with the chicken, it was so good, very crispy outer layer then very moist insides, that milk just made it even better. The sides were the perfect side dish for it, especially those radishes that cleanses your palate.

Was it the best? Probably in North Shore, but to make that safe assumption, I will have to try other Korean Fried Chicken outlets in the region. One thing for sure, it was a great chicken, nothing more and nothing less.

KS Chicken
Address: 33F Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

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3 Responses

  1. So interesting….crisp chicken dusted with powdered milk. But if you said it’s good, then it must be!

  2. suituapui says:

    We have two million-dollar Korean fried chicken franchises here, very popular but I’m not really into it. Just ok with some Korean stuff, not all.

  3. Wow, fried chicken topped with powdered milk? Now there’s an idea I would never have thought of – but I’m intrigued! It looks amazing, Raymund!

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