It’s True, Some Desserts Are Better Than Sex!

It’s True, Some Desserts Are Better Than Sex!

Have you ever had a slice of cheesecake that brought you to the edge of ecstasy? Did a tiramisu taste so good that you started to see stars in front of your eyes? Were there moments during the eating of that ice cream sundae when you swore blind you almost tasted heaven?

It’s true that when it comes to the culinary arts, it’s the desserts that really are, quite literally, the icing on the cake of your dining experience. Some desserts are truly, better than sex.

Quite frankly, just about any dessert imaginable ticks the relevant boxes when it comes to those of us who have a sweet tooth, however there is a big difference between an average, or even good, dessert and one that is out of this world.

Let us tell you about an establishment that scores off the charts when it comes to their dessert selection.

Be Prepared for a Seductive Feast

It’s been a tough year for pretty much all of us. Sometimes food can act as a nice ‘pick-me-up’ or frankly a real mood booster and after 2020 left us floored due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis as well as the necessary restrictions and guidelines brought in to help shield us from the coronavirus.

2021 promises to be a better year and restaurants up and down the country will soon be fully opened for your custom, indeed some already are.

One dining experience you’ll have to check out this year, if you haven’ already, is the Better Than Sex Dessert restaurant chain.

These guys offer you some seriously delicious sweet treats and are situated in seven locations; Orlando & Key West in Florida, Savannah, Georgia, Plano, Texas, Greenville South Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles.

The chain was started by Len and Dani Johnson back in 2003, apparently after Len simply stated ‘I want dessert’. After much planning and training they opened their first restaurant in 2008, in Key West and they haven’t looked back since.

Indeed they’ve come a long way since creating their first 2-layer Oreo cream cake.

High Quality Cakes

The desserts on show are produced by the finest chefs and their dishes are regularly featured in key industry lists of top restaurants. Some of the dessert constructions are truly astounding and they taste even better than they look.

The selection is varied and wide and will certainly fit any taste specialty you may have, but be sure to book in advance as their locations enjoy a very high volume.

Decor and Dessert

Among their best known desserts are The Fourgasm, Caress My Carrot and Cookie Nookie Pie, and this goes some way to explaining their ethos. They are confident their desserts will have the desired effect when it comes to turning on their diners. And they are not wrong.

It’s not just the desserts that do the trick. It’s also the dining set-up they employ in their eateries, all put together in a way that makes the entire experience an intimate one that all can enjoy.

The restaurant booth seating is very personal and the ambience is warm and inviting and the overall mood of the Better than Sex franchise works very well to all those who enter and come to consume their delicacies.

There’s lots of reds and velvets on show, the whole location is geared to get you in the mood, and not just for desserts! It’s all tastefully done though.

Those who visit in the evenings can also add to the spicy nature of the dining affair with one of their signature cocktails, we heartily recommend the Love Potion 69 as well as the Super Soaker.

By the way, don’t be surprised if on your visit you notice a few people going down on one knee, there are a large number of marriage proposals that occur within the walls of a Better Than Sex restaurant. Yes, their cakes really ARE that good!

For those of you who are still a little reluctant to visit a restaurant in the current climate, they also offer great cakes to go and this means you get to enjoy their Popcorn Pimp cheesecake from the comfort of your own home. That way you are only a few feet from your bedroom, where the real fun can begin.

Good Clean Fun

Though the menu has a few saucy innuendos included in their names, it’s worth noting it’s all good clean fun. The whole marrying of food and sex isn’t a new concept and we all know the old maxim, the best way to a person’s heart, is via their stomach, and if that’s the case the Better than Sex is very much the best destination for all lovers of desserts to congregate.


4 Responses

  1. Balvinder says:

    What a lovely name for a restaurant!

  2. We used to have a dessert restaurant here in Tucson, but as a cook – I was always disappointed in the quality of the desserts. Your place looks amazing. What a great thing to have nearby!

  3. We live on the Treasure Coast of Florida and Orlando is only a two hour drive away. Perhaps your recommendation is worth the drive.

  4. What an interesting concept – this is the first I’ve heard of this restaurant chain, but I love it! I like the playfulness of their theme and menu. Atlanta had a dessert cafe that we loved, but I don’t think there is anything like this in upstate New York. (Not surprising there!) Maybe I’ll just have to make that move to Greenville, SC now…

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