15 Chicken Wing Recipes that will make you lick your fingers

Come on, admit it, you can’t resist a good chicken wing recipe that’s why you are here. Well if that is the case well it is your lucky day because we are listing 15 Amazing Chicken Wing Recipes that will make you lick your fingers, really.

Chicken wing is such a versatile meat cut, you can basically season it up however you like it, salty, spicy, savoury, and even sweet. You can enjoy it as a snack, dinner, lunch or even pair it with your drinks like an ice-cold beer. Our list below just covers that all, and you have to trust me on this one, they are all amazing and most important of all very easy to make, so without further ado, here is the list I compiled from my blog, the 15 Chicken Wing Recipes that will make you lick your fingers.

Adobo Sauce Glazed Chicken Wings 1

Adobo Sauce Glazed Chicken Wings
Let’s start with the flavour that is near to my heart, my home country, Its sour, its savoury, its garlicky, its concentrated adobo in a glaze form.

National Chicken Wing Day

Bacon and Maple Chicken Wings
Who says bacon and maple only goes to pancakes, why not chicken wings? This sweet and savoury concoction is definitely additive

Binagoongang Ampalaya sa Gata 3

Buffalo Wings
If you love things spicy then this is your wing, deep fried then drenched in a chilli butter sauce.

Chicken Lollipop 1

Chicken Lollipop
Not a fan of bones, then this one is for you. A chicken wing where the meat is already pushed on one side, so all you have to do is snuck your teeth on one end and enjoy this deep-fried concoction.

Chilli Seasame Chicken Wings

Chilli Sesame Chicken Wings
Another spicy variation but instead of making it buttery like the buffalo wings, this one is infused with a nutty flavour from the sesame seeds and sesame oil

Chinese Five Spice Chicken Wings 1

Chinese Five Spice Chicken Wings
If you want some Asian flair, definitely this wing won’t let you down. With the five spice heavily used on this, it will certainly bring to Asia, that liquorice-like flavour from the star anise, the sweet and warm flavours from the cinnamon and fennel. Then the cloves give that cooling sensation while the Szechuan peppercorns add a numbing and peppery note.

Honey Soy Chicken Wings

Honey Soy Chicken Wings
This one is a sure-fire stunner, the honey and soy sauce combination will never go wrong, it’s a match made in heaven.

Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken Wings 1

Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken Wings
Forget that spicy chicken wing from your favourite fast food, this one is equally as good if not better. Deep fried to golden perfection while the meat is infused with spices that is so irresistible and hot.

Korean-Style Chicken Wings 1

Korean-Style Chicken Wings
This wing is crispy not because of the breading but the way the skin is treated before baking them. If you don’t like the deep-fried stuff, then this is your alternative.

Malaysian Barbecue Chicken Wings 1

Malaysian Barbecue Chicken Wings
I love how the Malaysian hawkers prepare this on their food stalls, it looks like the inventor of this recipe is quite OCD, just look how they are stacked together. Looks aside we should not forget its taste, seasoned with soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, and sesame oil, I am pretty much sure a lot of you will like this.

Parmesan Garlic Fried Chicken 1

Parmesan Garlic Fried Chicken Wings
Parmesan on pasta, parmesan on salads, parmesan on soups, so why not parmesan on wings. Yes, they work well giving this fried chicken wings tons of umami you can’t resist.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Wings 1

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Wings
Creamy, eggy, salty, rich, fatty, and mildly spicy, these words are not enough to describe this thing, but trust me because this is my favourite in this list of 15 Chicken Wing Recipes that will make you lick your fingers. If you have tried salted egg potato chips or salted egg fish skin-, well this is as good as that.

Sticky Garlic Chicken Wings

Sticky Garlic Chicken Wings
If it stick then it would stay on your fingers, next best thing to do is to like them out. On this dish I am not sure if it’s the chicken or the glaze are the best bits, luckily, they join together in this one amazing package.

Swiss Chicken Wings 1

Swiss Chicken Wings
While it is named Swiss its totally un-related, so this is not cheesy or chocolatey at all, what on in are a wonderful mixture of soy sauce, sugar, Chinese cooking wine and spices

Tebasaki Fried Chicken 1

Tebasaki Fried Chicken Wings
The Japanese also have their contribution to this list, it’s this double fried chicken glazed in a sweet, sour, and savoury sauce made with soy sauce, sake, mirin, and sugar.

There you go, our 15 Chicken Wing Recipes that will make you lick your fingers. Did I make you hungry? What is your favourite on this list? Let us know from the comment section below.


5 Responses

  1. They all look lipsmackingly delicious..my favourite is the one with Parmesan and those with egg yolks.

  2. Wow – this is more embarrassing than not having had straw mushrooms since the 80s! I haven’t had wings since the 70s! Love all these recipes – so many wonderful flavor combinations!

  3. suituapui says:

    My girl would love this! She loves chicken wings. I think the mum marinates with honey and some sauces and puts in the oven to roast. Sometimes she used the air fryer.

  4. Ah, I love this collection of wing ideas! Turning adobo sauce into a glaze sounds like something that needs to happen ASAP! One of our favorite wing flavors from a nearby bar is a combination of blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce. They call is Blue Heat – I call it delicious. Try it out sometime!

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