Own Tea (North Shore City, New Zealand)

This perhaps is the neatest and cleanest looking Bubble Tea places I visited in Auckland, it’s quite minimalist, it’s all white and the tea leaf displayed on those transparent cubes in front of the counter looks so cool. Located in Rosedale, this is one of our latest Bubble Tea adventure.

We came in here late in the afternoon, after we started craving for some bubble tea after passing by Gong Cha in Westfield Albany mall. We nearly grabbed the bubble tea in Gong Cha, but we always want to try places we haven’t been through. So we opened up Google Maps and find out what’s the nearest bubble tea shop we haven’t tried yet. There were two on the list first was Bubble Tea Cafe and then Own Tea, we went to Bubble Tea Cafe first as that is on our way going home at the same time it was the nearest from where we are. Upon arriving, we were quite disappointed as it was closed, I am not sure if its closed for good or its close for the day. This then means we will have to drive back to where we came and drive a bit further to Rosedale.

At first it was quite hard to find as Google Maps let us in on another entrance road of this compound, so we parked our car on one then walked and determine where the people with Own Tea cups were coming from, it was just one small block away. It was a quiet afternoon, and it was just only us and most of their customers just take away their orders. Like I initially said, the place was so white and clean, which feels like futuristic shop.

They have English menus, but there are Chinese and Korean menus which are not included on the main menu. It may be their board specials, luckily my daughter knows how to understand Korean, so I asked her to read what the board menu says. We then grabbed three items, two from the main menu which were the Black Gold Milk Tea (NZ$8.50) and Avocado with Cream Topping (NZ$9.50), the one from the board menu was Mango and Cream (don’t remember the price).

They were good bubble teas; you can taste the real tea on all of it. They also use fresh fruit on their fruity offerings. Mango and Cream was my favourite, it was tangy and creamy, the flavours was just right, I can actually drink this daily. The Black Gold Milk Tea looks like their equivalent of the Dirty Milk Tea, this too was quite good, not too sweet. Avocado with Cream Topping was the largest one, this one was just OK, I felt it needed a bit of avocadoes as it tasted quite bland, it’s not sweet as well, so if you love your avocado drink to be sweet a little help from extra sugar will help.

Overall it was OK, two drinks were really good out for three that we tried. Avocadoes can be tricky as it depends on the flavour of the fruit you are using, plus we also make an amazing Avocado smoothie at home so we have a good comparison point. Anyways we tried something similar before in WuCha and that one was a better tasting product.

Address: 16/96 Rosedale Road, Pinehill, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 940 4611

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  1. suituapui says:

    Lots of these tea places here. Never been, not a fan.

  2. We’ve been drinking a LOT of tea lately, so this was a fun post to read. Of course, ours is hot tea as we’re in the middle of winter, but a good bubble tea is always fun in the summer. Unfortunately, we only have a few shops that sell bubble tea. I agree that the mango + cream one sounds amazing!

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