11 Delicious Leftover Lechon Recipes

Holiday Season, for Filipinos this means a lot of eating, at home, from friend invites and other parties hosted everywhere. Usually these periods one of the main dishes served are Lechon as it symbolises the bond between families and friends, it also symbolizes prosperity and the joyfulness of gatherings. A Filipino celebration is not complete without “Lechon“.

Lechon is quite huge, just imagine a whole pig roasted served to only 20-25 people then there will be lots of leftovers specially when diners just choose the crispy skin and leave the meaty parts. The result is that people are obliged to take home a bag of lechon so you can enjoy it on the next few days in the comfort at your own home.

By default people will not reheat them and eat them as it is because the good parts were already consumed, and what you took home are the lean meat parts and occasionally some meaty bones. This means Filipinos will always make Lechon Paksiw as it gives a lot of flavour and moisture to that bland lean meat. Lechon Paksiw is also easy to prepare that is why this is the go-to recipe for leftover lechon but don’t be stuck with that, there are many wonderful dishes to prepare it with, that is why today we will be showcasing to you 11 Delicious Leftover Lechon Recipes.

Lechon Paksiw 1

Lechon Paksiw – Let’s start with the basic ones, the default recipe that everyone makes. Leftover lechon cooked in garlic and onions, simmered in lechon sauce, basically a sweet and sour sauce made out of pig’s liver.

Lechon con Tokwa 1

Lechon con Tokwa – Don’t have enough lechon on your doggie bag, then add some crispy fried tofu on it.

Lechon Sisig 1

Lechon Sisig – Love sisig but don’t have time to prepare them then this is the next best thing, just chop that lechon up into tiny pieces then serve it on a hot plate with egg on top.

Lechon Fried Rice 1

Lechon Fried Rice – How about just putting in fried rice?

Cathy's Lechon Rice 1

Cathy’s Lechon Rice – Same thing here in rice but with some vegetables to make it a complete meal.


Sinigang na Lechon – Now you want something soupy, then whip up this easiest sinigang ever, using lechon of course.

Pork Roast with Mushroom Gravy

Pork Roast with Mushroom Gravy – Love gravies and mushroom then this one is for you, simmer that pork in a rich gravy sauce. Yummmmmm!

Pork Roast, Lychee and Mandarin Salad

Pork Roast, Lychee and Mandarin Salad – Now let’s balance things up, I know lechon is fatty so let’s even it up with some fruity salad.

Pork Belly and Mango Salsa Banh Mi 1

Pork Belly and Mango Salsa Banh Mi – And if salads is not your thing, why not stuff it on a Vietnamese baguette with some salsa and mangoes

Pork Taquitos 1

Pork Taquitos – Or stuff it in soft tacos then fry them

Pork Carnitas Pita Pockets 2

Pork Carnitas Pita Pockets – Otherwise stuff it in pita breads, add a bit of salad and mayo then you’re off!

There you go our 11 Delicious Leftover Lechon Recipes, how about you, do you have a secret dish you that uses leftover lechon to share?


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  1. I love suckling pig! They are so popular and delicious.

  2. What a fun holiday tradition! I’ve never roasted a whole pig, but it’s definitely something I’ve been wanting to do. And I swear sometimes leftovers are better than the actual recipe. Love this collection of recipes here, Raymund!

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