MexiConsin (Henderson, Waitakere, New Zealand)

MexiConsin, yup there is such a thing, I did not know that either until I visited this place. At first, I was confused because we thought we went into a Burger Wisconsin but upon entering it looks like a Mexicali Fresh restaurant, so where are we actually? Welcome to MexiConsin, a fusion of these two restaurants, it’s a place where you can enjoy best of both worlds. This is actually cool for us because the wife was having second thoughts when I asked her to eat at Burger Wisconsin, she is not a big fan of burgers but a really big fan of Mexican bites, so this place was perfect for us.

I love the decor inside, it’s more of a Mexicali rather than the other. They have caged ingredients on the side, neon signage everywhere, an old skool VW Kombi caravan re-purposed as a dining area and a nice outdoor picnic style area. In short it looks cool.

Now let’s discuss the food. So I got some burgers and the wife got some tacos, for the burger I opted for the Great American (NZ$16.00), made with Beef patty, kosher dill pickle, American mustard, double cheese, ketchup, salad, mayo on a sesame seed bun. The burger diameter was large, but the patty was not as thick as I was expecting, patty was cooked perfectly so it was still juicy.

What I did not like on this one is the cheese. I ordered American thinking that I will get the processed cheddar cheese but instead they were served with Colby which I find strong, salty, grainy and too much since it came with two of it, it was the processed cheese then it would taste cheesier, silkier, milder and it would make this burger way much better. I am not sure if it was mentioned anywhere on the menu that it uses Colby and if I had seen that I would have chosen another order.

The wife on the other hand ordered the Classic Taco Salad (NZ$14.90), a deep-fried flour tortilla bowl filled with layers of pulled beef, beans, brown rice, lettuce & cabbage mix and cheese. Topped with salsa, sour cream and Guacamole (extra NZ$1.50). The deep-fried bowl was quite oily, so you need some serviettes to wipe some of the excess oil. Regardless this was quite good, it was very filling as the serving size was quite large. We enjoyed this one.

We also had some Hot Tots (NZ$5.00) on the side which we enjoyed as well, it was mildly hot, barely noticeable but there was a zing on every bite which we really liked, we opted for the garlic mayonnaise dipping sauce.

Then to push all of it down we had a couple of Margaritas (NZ$5.00), which was quite refreshing.

Overall it was OK, nothing too special apart from having both cuisines represented at this place. There were some hits and misses on the food but overall it was tolerable and just a bit better than average. Will we come back here? Well yes but only for that Hot Tots and Margaritas.

Burger Wisconsin & Mexicali Fresh Lincoln Road
Address: 301 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland 0610, New Zealand
Phone: +649 973 5229

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  1. Burger Wisconsin!? This is the first I’ve heard of that chain. I find the name funny as Wisconsin isn’t exactly known for burgers here in the States. I mean they probably have some good burger restaurants there, but not more than other states. Wisconsin is known for its cheese – which is ironic since the cheese on this burger was lacking. And that was the first thing I noticed from the photo – the burger patty was too thin! Either way, fun concept for a restaurant as it pleases everyone!

  2. Wow, now that’s some wild fusion I had never heard of before! Sounds like a fun change of pace, if not anything particularly spectacular.

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