Hot and Spicy Pot 一麻一辣 (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

If you are tired of the usual offering on hot pots, then this place might be for you. Basically it’s a sort of like a hot pot but since you will be paying for what you get rather than eat all you can, then expect that the ingredients are a bit better than the usual buffet hot pots, there are tons of selection for meats, seafood, vegetables, Tofu and fish balls.

If you haven’t tried restaurants like this, what happens here is you start grabbing ingredients of your choice using a tong provided, place it in your bowl, then it is weighed at the counter. At the time of this visit it was NZ$4.00 per 100g for the other specialty ingredients, it is priced by piece. Think of it like a Mongolian Barbecue but Asian style because at the end you will have a choice of whether it is dry or with soup plus a choice of your flavour. I believe this is called Ma La Xiang Guo.

The food was very tasty, I guess it’s the MSG that ramped the flavours up, I might be wrong but I assumed that because after dining here you will be really thirsty like eating some potato or corn chips. I don’t mind MSG, but others might, so if you still want to dine in here for the experience, I think you can just ask them not to as this is added to the cooking process.

It’s a straightforward meal, no dramas, not even a nice reaction from the server which I totally understood since this is the case in most restaurants in China. For them as long as they serve good tasty food that’s what all matters, customer service is least of their worries. As for the place, again its stock standard, not pristine clean and it’s not insanely dirty. Some tables might not be cleared and some smudges here and there. Overall it is OK, nothing so special, it’s just straight up nice food. Price wise, its above average for a city restaurant at this calibre, it will run you around NZ$20.00 to NZ$30.00 a pop, but that all depends on your hunger.

Hot and Spicy Pot 一麻一辣
Address: Opposite Auckland Library, 44-46 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
Phone: +6493660588

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4 Responses

  1. This looks like a great place for Chinese New Year gatherings 🙂 Love that noddle bowl…

  2. suituapui says:

    Not crazy about that Taiwanese Ma La, seems very popular among a lot of people here. These hotpot places are SO expensive…and nothing to shout about. Just a trend taking the world by storm and everyone’s going for it. No, thank you.

  3. Interesting! I don’t think we have hot pot restaurants like this here in the States – well at least not in our suburban city. I like the concept, though! We do have salad places like this as well as ice cream places. Now we need a hot pot place, too!

  4. soup says:

    I stumbled upon this place by accident and has no idea how it worked, but after the first time I was hooked. Love the concept and the food tastes great. can be a bit spicy but you get an option for how spicy you want it.

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