How to Perfectly Deep Fry Tofu

Perfectly Deep-Frying Tofu can be a bit tricky, it can turn out really dry, not crispy or very oily when the oil creeps inside that soft insides. That is why today we will be sharing some tips on how to perfectly deep fry tofu so every time you pull it out in the deep fryer you will have a nice result with a crisp outer layer and soft insides.

Deep fried tofu can be enjoyed as it is, as a side dish, snack or even as mains, it is good paired with tasty dips like sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce or even vinegar. Deep fried tofu can also be used as an excellent ingredient in soups, stir fries, noodles or even braised dishes. With its neutral flavour, it is a great absorbent for dishes with tasty sauces.

How to make it?

Frying tofu is actually easy, and it follows almost the same steps of deep-frying other ingredients. So here are the steps to achieve a Perfectly Deep Fry Tofu.

  1. Use a firm tofu, this is the most perfect tofu for the job, don’t use silken or soft tofu as they contain a lot of liquid and so it will not yield a crispy shell and if you force it to then the whole thing will just dry out.
  2. Cut your tofu into smaller pieces, for a usual tofu block I cut them crosswise then divide each section into eight triangles.
  3. Pat dry your tofu with a kitchen towel before deep frying the tofu. This ensures that the oil will not splatter much when putting them into the fryer.
  4. Heat enough oil so tofu is submerged into the hot oil when deep frying. This will ensure even cooking.
  5. The oil must be hot enough, around 190C. It should sizzle when you carefully drop them in. Cook tofu in this temperature until the outer crust hardens a bit and becomes light yellow in colour. Reduce temperature to 170C and continue to cook until light golden brown.
  6. During the first stages of cooking try not to clump them all together and leave ample space between them otherwise it would stick together.
  7. Handle it carefully when flipping it over (if needed), try not to prick or scratch the outer smooth layer otherwise oil will seep its way inside.
  8. Using a slotted spoon remove tofu from the fryer, then let it drain excess oil on a wire rack in one layer. Let it cool so it crisps up.

There you go, hopefully you use these tips next time you deep fry your tofu.


4 Responses

  1. wow they look super crisp!

  2. ChefMimi says:

    I’m sure this is very good, and I love tofu, but I don’t like deep frying. It’s an important way to cook food, I guess it must be a psychological thing with me!

  3. You and I are on our tofu kick these days, aren’t we? Yours looks amazing. I have never deep fried it something to try.

  4. I have to admit that I’m not a big tofu fan. However, with that said, I’m not sure I’ve ever had deep fried tofu. I should try it out sometime!

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