Teaser (Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand)

Bubble teas in Auckland show up faster than mushrooms sprouting in the ground, there are too many options now, I don’t know if it’s even possible to try them all in a year. The one we are featuring today is Teaser from Albany, while its not new (probably more than a year now), it was our first time here. So what does this place have on offer?

Teaser basically is a part of a bigger restaurant called Hi Fun eatery and they serve charcoal grill barbecues similar to yakitori places but also serve noodles, sizzling plates and other rice dishes. But were not here for that, we are here for the bubble tea, maybe try it the next time since the ones they serve when we were there all looked amazing. But before we go to the bubble tea, let just also note that they serve some small bites a well like curry fish balls, Japanese style oden, sandwiches and bubble waffle. We tried the latter and it was OK, not too sweet and perfectly fluffy.

So what does Teaser bubble tea taste like? Is big difference from the others?

Let’s go to what we ordered and compare it with the ones we already had tried. On this visit, we tried three items, first was the Milk Tea with pudding jelly and pearls (NZ$8.50), Taro jasmine milk tea with pearls (NZ$9.50) and Purple rice and red bean fresh milk with peach gum (NZ$12.50). What we instantly noticed the first time we drank any of these three was you can really taste the tea on it, comparing that to others this place has the strongest tea taste of them all. This is a good thing since this is what it meant to taste like, not overly sweet and flavours does not overpower the tea. While it would not satisfy specially those who are used to the popular brands, this is what bubble tea should be like, I bet the original ones were made to taste like this, that is why they put the word tea on the name.

Another thing special in this place that we haven’t tried on any other places is they have a peach gum. Don’t be fooled by its name as this does not taste like peach at all, instead this soft jelly like ingredient is tasteless and basically grabs the flavour of the drink you are having, so why put it in there? Peach gum is believed to have medicinal values such as a solving urinal infections and stress relief, it also quenches your thirst. So what is it made of? Basically like most trees with gum or sap this Peach gum comes from the resin of peach and Chinese wild peach trees where it is solidified before harvested. Apart from that they also have soy varieties for bubble tea, so it’s also a good place for that lactose intolerant.

So paying a visit in this place will some health benefits and not for the enjoyment of bubble tea drinking, were sure of that because you can taste the real tea on every order, plus you have options like peach gum and soy variants. And yes, their teas taste great too.

Address: 7/14 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +6421 164 4339

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