Fukurou Patisserie (New Market, Auckland, New Zealand)

This is our second time dining out when New Zealand relaxed its quarantine restrictions for the Corona outbreak. It feels like freedom after being locked down for a while so me and my wife splurged out and had a date staycation away from the house for a change. First item on the itinerary was this Fukurou Patisserie as she was craving for some Mille Crepe for quite some time now and this is one of good and popular places to have it.

Located in the Newmarket station, it is a small stall with three tables and can sit around 6 to 8 people, it is loaded with Owl ornaments so if you love this big-eyed bird then it is a plus. Their specialty is Mille Crepe and that’s what they only sell, apart from the drinks. It is a good sign since these guys can just concentrate on delivering one thing and mastering that Mille Crepe. They have many different varieties of flavours, tiramisu, chocolate trio, black sesame, signature vanilla, matcha, durian lover, durian bomb and strawberry.

While we want to try everything, our tummies can only handle two so we ordered the Signature Vanilla (NZ$7.80), which is their must try according to other reviews we read as well as Durian Bomb (NZ$8.20), basically durian and pandan mixed together. We paired that with some Jasmine Green Tea (NZ$6.50 for two).

Service was fast, since all on offer was ready made, so in a matter of seconds after ordering, you have plate of that layered crepe. At first bite it was light, you can easily devour half a slice in no time, but as you eat past half of a slice, it starts to get heavy hence it is advisable to have this with coffee or tea to push down that delicious cream and crepe. Vanilla is a straightforward vanilla flavour, not too sweet and creamy, just right, while the Durian Bomb was really a bomb, filled with interchanging layers of durian cream and pandan cream, this thing is amazing, in fact the first time you visit this place, it’s the durian aroma that will welcome you. If you are a durian lover then there are no second thoughts, this is your order, but if not, it’s still worth a try, while it’s a strong durian flavour, mixing it with cream will mellow down its pungent smell at the same time tone down he weird taste that others identify as garlic or chives, all you will taste is the delicious caramel poured into whipped cream flavour.

Is it worth a try? Definitely, but I suppose it’s not an everyday thing otherwise you will double your love handles in a matter of just how many servings. Its cream and crepe in many layers, what are you expecting.

Fukurou Patisserie
Address: Train Station 13/28 Remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand
Phone: +649 524 5104

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