13 Ways to cook Macaroni

13 Ways to cook Macaroni is a list of recipes curated by Ang Sarap to showcase different ways on how to prepare the humble macaroni pasta.

Don’t be stuck with that Mac and Cheese, there are many ways to cook macaroni and all of them are amazing. From salad to soups, casseroles or dessert this proves that this humble pasta is one of the most versatile ingredients out there. I bet you have one pack of this pantry staple hidden in your cupboard so why not whip up something from this list of 13 Ways to cook Macaroni, we are sure that you will like any of these listed below, and not just that all of these dishes are easy to make, very filling and a sure fire budget friendly.

Mac and Cheese 1

Mac and Cheese
Let’s start this list with what’s obvious, the classic mac and cheese, when you think about macaroni, this is the first thing that comes to mind, that cheesy delight that is a winner in all dining tables.

Mac and Blue Cheese 1

Mac and Blue Cheese
If you think mac and cheese is boring then level it up by using Blue Cheese, but you had been warned, while this is delicious, it’s also pungent.

Tuna Casserole 1

Tuna Casserole
Another classic that can be made entirely of pantry items. Tuna – Check, Cream of Mushroom – Check, Milk – Check, Processed Cheese – Check, Macaroni – Check.

Baked Macaroni 2

Baked Macaroni
If tuna is not your thing then go to the next level, go Baked Mac, filled with all your tomato and meaty goodness.

Chicken Macaroni Salad

Chicken Macaroni Salad
This 13 Ways to cook Macaroni list won’t be complete without this creamy, chicken, raisin, carrot, pineapple filled goodness that is the Chicken Macaroni Salad

Hawaiian Style Macaroni Salad 2

Hawaiian Style Macaroni Salad
This Hawaiian staple is a must when you are in the island, it is one of the simplest macaroni salads out there, just carrots, celery and a creamy dressing is all you need but of course you need to pair it with a luau feast.

Devilled Egg Macaroni Salad 1

Devilled Egg Macaroni Salad
What does this salad have? more, eggs or macaroni? Honestly, I don’t care, 6 eggs on a small amount of macaroni with creamy mayonnaise, what can go wrong.

Filipino Sweet Macaroni Salad 1

Filipino Sweet Macaroni Salad
Yup macaroni’s can be sweet too! In fact the Filipinos nailed it through this salad, I know it sounds weird but try them at least once.

Chunky Beef and Pasta Stew 1

Chunky Beef and Pasta Stew
You all know that canned stuff well this is better than that, basically this is a homemade gourmet style version of the canned thing you always loved.

Pasta e Fagioli 1

Pasta e Fagioli
Here is another item that is a must on this 13 Ways to cook Macaroni, since it was the Italians who made the macaroni’s, we must include one Italian dish by the name of Pasta e Fagioli. Basically its pasta, beans, pancetta and tons of parmesan cheese, I told you its Italian.

Calandracas 1

If the Italians have pasta and beans, the Filipinos have chickpeas, potatoes and macaroni, with a little help from the Spanish chorizo, this soup will definitely fill you up.

Chicken Sopas 2

Chicken Sopas
Another Filipino dish, sorry I am a Filipino blogger but trust me this one is one of the comfort meals of the Filipino, macaroni and chicken in a milky broth, this has been the cure for most “sinat” and “lagnat” since I don’t know when. The chicken soup for the Filipino soul.

Beef Sopas 2

Beef Sopas
Now if you are not into chicken, then this is the beef version of the above. It definitely is meatier!

There you go, the 13 Ways to cook Macaroni, how about you do you have that macaroni recipe you want me to try? Leave a comment below.


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  1. Didn’t know you can make so many things with macaroni. The sweet macaroni salad is totally new to me and my favourite is that beef stew!

  2. Raymund, this post came at a perfect time! I just bought a huge box of macaroni and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. All the recipes look wonderful. I’d love to try the Filipino Sweet Macaroni Salad! I make macaroni salad for my Filipina friend every new years. Can’t wait to surprise her next time with this one!

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