16 Filipino Crispy Pork Recipes that will surely make you drool

16 Filipino Crispy Pork Recipes that will surely make you drool is a compilation of Filipino Crispy pork recipes curated by Ang Sarap with links to its recipes

Who loves crispy pork, raise your hand and if this is not your thing close your tab and move on, but for those who stayed, you are in for a treat, as we will list 16 Filipino Crispy Pork Recipes that will surely make you drool. Now close your eyes and imagine that crispy skin that crackles as you bite them over melting fat on succulent tender meat, good isn’t it. Now open it back otherwise you won’t see what we have on offer to you.

Lechon Kawali 1

Lechon Kawali – One of the popular Filipino dishes prepared by boiling pork belly until cooked, cooled down then deep fried before chopped into pieces, drown it in Mang Tomas, then you have a slice of heaven.

Tulapho 1

Tulapho – If you are lazy to make lechon kawali then try this, all that process takes place in one cooking, boil meat until dry, fat renders, pork cooks on its own fat, job done then serve it with vinegar or Mang Tomas.

Pinakupsan 2

Pinakupsan – Almost similar to tulapho but this one is even easier, just add vinegar so you don’t need to dip it later.

Crispy Pritong Baboy 1

Crispy Pritong Baboy – And if you are not bothered to boil and render the fat just use oil and fry it to the crispiness you want.

Crispy Liempo Strips 1

Crispy Liempo Strips – All of the above are chunky enough for you? Then why not cut them in bacon like strips before deep frying them.

Bagnet 3

Bagnet – If you want them crunchier then try this Ilocano delicacy where skin is made into chicharon to make it even more sinful.

Crispy Pata 3

Crispy Pata – Pork leg prepared like a lechon kawali, if you have more time then this is better because the meat on this thing is not just tender, its gelatinous, thanks to those tendons that makes this collagen rich dish special.

Lechon sa Hurno 2

Lechon sa Hurno – Deep frying is not your thing, then crisp it up by cooking it in an oven.

Bellychon 1

Bellychon – Or why not roll a pork belly infused with the usual lechon ingredients in between.

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Lechon – If you are not satisfied with the belly why not a whole pig?

Lechon Macau 1

Lechon Macau – And if you want that Oriental spice taste on your crispy pork, then this is your fix, infused with star anise, sugar, five spice powder, it’s all yum.

Sinigang na Sinangag 1

Sinigang na Sinangag – You had seen this right, sinigang can be crispy too, even the vegetables that accompany it.

Crispy Dinuguan 1

Crispy Dinuguan – If a simple crispy pork just don’t make the cut then serve it with some dinuguan sauce.

Crispy Adobo 1

Crispy AdoboAdobo done the crispy way, while it’s not all crispy, it’s the joy finding and battling with other for that crispy tasty bit.

Crispy Sisig 1

Crispy Sisig – Made with crispy pork jowl and pork neck, chopped into tiny bits and pieces served with chillies, this thing is an explosion of texture and flavours on your mouth.

Chicharon 2

Chicharon – Finally this list of 16 Filipino Crispy Pork Recipes that will surely make you drool won’t be complete without the crispiest of them all.


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  1. I am addict to pork belly and can eat at least 500 g at one go…no kidding. They are just too good!! You are an amazing cook, Raymund.

  2. suituapui says:

    We have crispy pata here. I wish I could try all the rest!!!

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