One Zo (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

Continuing with our Auckland Milk Tea journey, the latest one we tried was this place in Chancery Square and it was a good find. This place is one of the only places in Auckland that I know of which makes their own tapioca pearls. Having said that, this means whatever they put on those tapioca pearls is just limited through their imagination hence they have tapioca pearls you have never heard of. Usually tapioca pearls just come in black or white, some have fillings but have you heard about Pokemon Bubble and Kyrie Irving 2 Bubble? How about some Peanut, Mango, Cactus, Black Sesame, Brown Sugar and caramel flavour bubbles? If that’s not cool enough, how about if tell you that these tapioca pearls are handmade by their staff in each shop? Bet you haven’t tried those yet; this is artisan bubble tea experience.

Now, how about their teas? Like with most bubble tea shops they serve the stock standard menu where you see the usual taro, brown sugar, winter melon and matcha in milk tea or fresh milk variant to name some. But they have exclusive flavours like Yakult Green Tea, Yakult with Lemon, Purple Kumara and Taro Milk Tea and Assam Black Tea which I haven’t encountered on other bubble places yet.

During this visit we tried the Yakult with Lemon, Taro Milk tea and the Brown Sugar Milk Tea, the milk teas are pretty much the same with every shop we tried. The Yakult with Lemon on the other hand was surprising, it was really good, and they do use two Yakult’s for one drink which gives it a nicer flavour, the ones I heard from other overseas brands use only one. As for the tapioca pearls, sadly there were no other options when we visited the place apart from the normal black coloured ones, probably the other flavours are the most sought-after ones as they ran out of stock.

Overall it was good, place was quite small, but it was really clean and since it is in Chancery Square, if there are no seats inside then you can grab some outside and use the public benches. Teas tastes great but hopefully the stock more of the tapioca pearls because I think it’s their selling point and running out of it can be really bad for patrons like us.

Address: Chancery Square, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +6422 049 3098

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