Tearaffe (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Yes, it is another bubble tea shop, and this is in line with our adventure to try all bubble tea shops as we can in Auckland. Like our last post this one is also located in Takapuna, in fact they are only located 200m apart. Tearaffe is located beside the Jesters Pie near Starbucks on Hurstmere Road, it’s a small but very bright and clean shop, so it will look inviting when you pass by it. We came here after a week of our last one and here is how it went.

During this visit we grabbed five items three from their Milk Tea Series, the Original Milk Tea (NZ$7.00), Hot Taro Milk Tea (NZ$7.00), Matcha Milk Tea with Oreo NZ$9.00. We also grabbed one from their Dirtea Series, the Mashed Taro Green Milk Tea NZ$9.00 and one from their Tearaffe Special which is Cheese Mango NZ$9.50.

Let’s start with our least favourite, the Cheese Mango. I don’t know why this is called special but in my honest opinion, it should not be. Why? Because the one I got was not delicious at all because the cream cheese blended milk that creates that frothy topping curdled, so the texture is quite off. Other bubble tea shops do this correctly but the one I got here for some reason is not what I expected, just look how curdled that from that photo. Due to that, it affected the taste and everything.

Now on to the next ones, surprisingly all others are OK, in fact they were above average milk teas, better other offerings on some shops. Their Original Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Matcha Milk Tea and Mashed Taro Green Milk Tea were all good, creamy, delicious and satisfying is what I expected. Teas were not skimped in ingredients, Matcha tasted like a strong Matcha, Taro Milk Tea tasted like Real taro and the Normal Milk Tea you can taste the real tea on it.

Another good thing on this place is that when they are offline the accept bank transfers and that’s what we did when we were here since the EFTPOS machine they were using was down. So we have to do online banking and show it to them once payment is done, I love the level of that flexibility. Apart from that the place was really clean, it was spotless. It’s not a big shop, probably can fit 18 people comfortably.

So in conclusion, their special was not special for me at that time but the other offerings were great, so if you will pay this a visit, avoid the special and go for the normal which was quite special.

Tearaffe Takapuna 茶森林
Address: 56-60 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
Phone: +649 486 0971

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