Q Tea (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Before the lockdown here in New Zealand me my friends were trying every Bubble Tea shops we can within Auckland city, I guess we had tried at least four bubble tea shops before the shops had closed and people got restricted to their own bubble. First of this series was Q Tea in Takapuna, just across the road of Shore City Takapuna. This was highly recommended by ones in our friend’s circle since they go here a lot and developed and affinity for the brand, what they rave about this place is the popping boba called bobo, a thing that I haven’t heard before, let alone tried.

As to our usual gig, we came here after dinner and tried several of their varieties. Fresh Milk with Fresh Taro (NZ$8.90), Egg Pudding Milk Tea (NZ$6.90), Fresh Milk Bubble Tea with Brown Sugar Pearl (NZ$8.90), Taro Milk Tea (NZ$6.90) and Red Bean Milk Shake with Bobo (NZ$8.90).

Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of milk tea in one sitting and yes, they are all good. We specially like the Egg Pudding Milk Tea and the Fresh Milk with Fresh Taro, it tasted amazing. One good thing on this place is that we noticed that they used non powdered milk tea flavours, specially that taro one, I saw the lady have to mash the taro and placed it on one of our orders.

The sago was good, the Brown Sugar Pearl was bouncy and chewy as expected plus they give heaps of it. As for the bobo, that popping sago, I was under the impression that it will be like those popping candies, where it will be filled with those Fizz Wiz or Pop Rocks but I was wrong, instead it is like a small sack filled with lychee tasting liquid inside a thin layered sago ball, not similar texture to sago, more of like an edible plastic. Was it good? well I have my reservations, maybe it will be good with fruity bubble teas but definitely not with the Red Bean that we ordered. Nice gimmick though, it definitely set them apart from others. But if we are just talking about the milk tea and pearl, I can rate them above average.

Address: Shop 3a, Lower Ground, 529 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
Phone: +649 394 6633

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  1. What a fun “project”! Congrats to New Zealand on knocking back Covid better than just about anyone else!

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