Market Central Taupo – A Visual Essay

Before COVID-19 started we had one last chance to have a quick getaway with the family and we did it in Taupo, just a little five-hour drive from Auckland. We stayed for a short three days and two nights in the nice resort of Wairakei Resort Taupo and just played tourist in our own country, it was well worth it and did gave us a little advantage with our sanity/mental health specially that we did not know that we will be in lock down for quite some time a couple of weeks after this trip.

Taupo certainly changed since the last time we stayed here, although we had tried most of the touristy stuff before, what we haven’t tried yet was their parasailing and that was one of my better halves surprise for me. Apart from that we also visited Wairakei Terraces which was a nice place for a hot spring dip, also a first time and of course the Huka Falls.

What we haven’t planned at all was this Market that we saw when we were looking for a place to have breakfast. It was one of the good markets I had seen in New Zealand, while it was small, there are a lot of good quality food and products on sale. From arts and crafts, fruits, vegetables, flowers, cheese, handmade bread and baked delights they had it all, and we did try several items when we were there. One of them was the fruit stand where we bought some passionfruit at NZ$0.50 each, it was a steal. We also tried some delicious doughnuts from Baked with Love, definitely one of the best doughnuts I ever tried in New Zealand, I will have a separate review of that on a different time. I also grabbed some good espresso from Volcanic Coffee and the wife grabbed some plants just before we left.

So what will you expect at this place? Well here is a Visual Essay for you to see what it’s like in Market Central Taupo.

Market Central
Address: Northcroft Reserve, Taupo 3330
Phone: +64210 235 9712


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  1. suituapui says:

    I love these markets in New Zealand. Never been to Taupo, dunno when we can travel again – things sure are not going to be the same again.

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