Mamas Donuts (North Shore City, New Zealand)

We are getting more and more donut options in Auckland, one of those recent ones is from our review for today Mamas Donuts.  While this place opened a while back, probably around 6 months ago we just tried it now, why? Because of our time constraints, during the Holiday season our weekend are fully tied, and it rolled forward up until now.  You might be asking why not visit this place on a weekday, well that was one of main issues here, Mamas Donuts only opens on Thursday to Saturday on times between 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM but don’t let the time constraint stop you because their donuts are awesome!

Malasadas is what reminds me when I had it for the first time, dense, bouncy, chewy and fluffy! Those four words are the best description of the donuts Mamas Donuts had on offer.  It was also not too sweet like Krispy Kreme plus they  were made the old-school way all by hand and with a whole lot of love!  Their treats are made fresh daily, so you get to enjoy that real homemade taste and texture.  It’s a family recipe that they just want everyone to try and were lucky to give it a shot, it was gooooooooood!

On our last visit we grabbed a 6 Pack for NZ$20.00 where you can pick and choose any from their range.  We grabbed some Blueberry Custard, Choc Custard, Lemon Passionfruit Custard (I guess), Apple Cinnamon, Cookies and Cream and Maple Walnut.  Almost loved them all, best ones personally was Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry Custard, they were perfect, not too sweet and the filling is just enough to be there on every bite.  Least favourite was the  Maple Walnut which I find to sweet and removed some bits of the topping to lessen the sugar.  Every dough was perfect, like I said bouncy and dense so if you think of having this after a meal, think again, these things are heavy and can fill you up easily.

The place we visited was in Glenfield, parking was quite hard because there are other tenants in the place and this place is quite popular.  Premises were clean, there were seats outside so if you want to enjoy it right there and then, you can do so.  I can say this is one of the best donuts Auckland has to offer so pay them a visit and see what I mean.

Mamas Donuts
Address: 173a Archers Road, Hillcrest, Auckland 0629, New Zealand

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