24 Recipes Using a Can of Sardines

Most Filipinos probably when this Corona virus started had already stockpiled on canned sardines, it’s a pantry staple for most Pinoys since it lasts long, versatile, nutritious and very inexpensive. I guess the most important quality there is the inexpensive part specially nowadays that people are losing jobs, most of us started to tighten our belts. Now if you have been eating this on a regular basis I bet you are getting sick and tired of it, the usual “Ginisang Sardinas (Sautéed Sardines)” just don’t make the cut anymore so I am sharing 24 Recipes using a can of Sardines, so you can bring back excitement on your everyday sardines meal.

Misua for the Win

Let’s start with the easy classics, making it soupy with flour vermicelli. Misua or flour vermicelli is quite cheap too, so adding more of this extends the dish more, just add more water which is free.

Sardines with Misua 1

Sardines with Misua – Simple sautéed sardines cooked with flour vermicelli in soup form.

Sardines with Misua and Patola – If a simple soup is not enough try adding some luffa, extending that dish a bit further

Sardines with Misua and Upo – Not a fan of luffa, the use bottle gourd

For the health conscious

So you’re are not the noodle type of person and you love vegetables then this next section is for you. Basically these are sautéed sardines mixed with a vegetable that it would work with. While there are many vegetables to choose from, not all of them work great with sardines.

Guisadong Upo at Sardinas 1

Ginisang Sardinas at Upo – Bottle gourd come in large sizes so this can really go a long way.

Ginisang Sardinas at Sayote – Another great vegetable to use, if you live in Baguio this is abundant.

Ginisang Sardinas at Pechay – For those who love it leafy

Ginisang Sardinas at Malunggay – Another leafy variant but even more nutritious.

Ginisang Sardinas at Talbos ng Kamote – For those who have sweet potatoes plant at home, yes you can use the leaves.

Ginisang Sardinas at Repolyo – How about some cabbages?

Ginisang Sardinas at Langka – Or some young jackfruit! This one can be really filling.

Ginataang Papaya with Sardinas – And finally lets do it with young papaya and coconut milk.

Let’s fry them Baby

Not a fan of vegetables, then don’t use it, what’s even better, let fry this thing up. It goes to say that you won’t go wrong when you fry them

Sardinas Fritters – Yes you can make them into fritters instead.

Lumpiang Sardinas – Fritters is not your thing? then try it lumpia style.

Sardinas Fishballs – And yes you can make fishballs too.

Eggcellent Partner

While most of the recipes above don’t have an extra protein boost, the next items on the list will do as we will use eggs to extend them.

Sisig Sardinas – It won’t be as crispy as the pork one but there is nothing wrong in running your foodie imagination as you eat this.  And yes there is egg on it.

Sarciadong Sardinas with Ampalaya – You want egg, bitter gourd and a bit of sauce, then this dish is for you.

Tortang Sardinas – You love torta because of the meat? But what about in dire situations where there is no meat this is your next best friend.

The other noodles

While sardines goes well with misua, it does not mean it won’t work with other noodles.

Pancit Sardinas – No meat, no problem, sardines can be used with your favourite pancit

Odong– If you want a thicker soupier noodle then this odong is for you.

Comfort Meal redefined

Now sardines for most is far from being a comfort meal but it marry them with a comfort food will it make the cut? Up for you to decide.


Sardinas Fried Rice – Leftover rice and sardines can be enjoyed separately but cooking them together will be more exiting.

Sardinas Pasta – Spaghetti Bolognese anyone? This is the next best thing if you can’t get some minced meat.

Sardinas Burger – And if you are craving for some fast food burgers and all shops are closed, make one with sardines.

Sardinas Pandesal – Mayonnaise, sardines and pandesal, come on. Mayonnaise can make things shine and this is one of them. A personal favourite of mine.

Sinigang na Sardinas – For the finale, this list wont be complete without any sinigang on it.

Hope you love this Sardinas recipes list, and if you have a unique recipe using a can of sardines, let me know so we can add it on this list.


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  1. suituapui says:

    Thanks for sharing! Lots of canned sardines in my pantry, may come in handy. We’re well-stocked up but hopefully, our partial lockdown here will end soon.

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