Snowman (North Shore City, New Zealand)

One last hurrah for the summer heat, while there may be those odd days that randomly becomes cold there is nothing stopping you to grab that nice big bowl bingsu with your favourite topping and that’s what we exactly did last weekend.

If you are in North Shore and craving for some cold dessert then there is one place I recommend, Snowman in Albany, a place where you can enjoy this Korean traditional dessert made with fresh ingredients. This is their specialty and it’s a what almost everyone order when they are here, while its their specialty there are few more others in their menu like hot drinks like coffee and tea; cold drinks like iced coffee and frappes plus they have one snack on offer which is their honey bread offered in three different flavours, chocolate, caramel and strawberry. But it’s all about the bingsu, that finely shaved ice that a lot of Asians rave about.

They have several bingsu flavours, red bean, green tea, chocolate, Oreo, cheesecake and coffee. They also have Seasonal flavours like peach, melon, mango and strawberry. All are offered in 4 sizes small at NZ$15.00, medium at NZ$20.00, large at NZ$25.00 and extra-large at NZ$30.00.

We grabbed 4 of the medium ones and the serving size was quite ample, infact one medium can feed two. The four flavours we got were Chocolate, Cheesecake, Strawberry and Mango. Let’s start with the chocolate, as you can see it is loaded with shaved chocolate, chocolate syrup, condensed milk topped with chocolate ice cream and some chocolate Peppero and even more chocolate, it was a chocolate overload.

Next was the strawberry, loaded with tons of sweetened strawberries, condensed milk then topped with strawberry ice cream.

Then the cheesecake, this one was odd, interesting taste. Studded with some sort of cream cheese mixed with something else in a cube form, sliced almonds, condensed milk and vanilla ice cream. It was not as cheesecake flavour as I want it to be.

Finally our favourite, the mango, and it was studded with a lot of mangoes, tons of it. Drizzled with condensed milk and topped with mango ice cream. This was so far the best.

Bingu will always have a place in our hearts, it’s like the cousin of halo halo. It’s certainly one of the best desserts created, simple and very fulfilling. And what snowman did was great, executed everything perfectly apart from that cheesecake so I will avoid it next time. Premises was clean and spotless.

Address: U25, 42-44 William Pickering Drive, Albany, Northshore, New Zealand
Phone: +6421 285 2004

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