Matakana Village Farmers Market – A Visual Essay

I have been visiting this place since I moved to New Zealand, the first time I was here was in 2007 and it has changed a lot ever since. I don’t know why I haven’t posted a Visual Essay about this amazing place but like many believe it’s better late than never, so this is the time. Matakana is a small-town small town in the Rodney District of the Auckland Region, an hour drive from Auckland CBD, it is a nice near getaway place during the 12 to 13 Saturdays of the New Zealand summer. All you need for a short getaway is within the vicinity, Matakana being the Central.

Within 30 minutes from Matakana you have nice beaches like Omaha and Tawharanui if you want to beat that heat, there are also reserves and sanctuaries like the Goat Island, Donkey Sanctuary and Reptile Park. And if those are not your thing then you have river cruises, Sculptureum, Matakana Country Park and tons of wineries all of which are family friendly. But like I said what lies in the middle is Matakana where Matakana Village Farmers Market is located, open every Saturday 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. If you like food or fresh produce then this place is a must visit, and if you are not much of a foodie, still best to have lunch or brunch in this place as they offer a lot of amazing fresh, sustainable and local artisan goods. Where you can relax and have a small picnic, devouring those delicious treats you grabbed from the market and stay by the riverside while listening to live local music and let the kids explore the rustic tree house and natural playground

Like I said I had visited this place a lot of times, we come back here again and again for a reason. The food is just simply great plus the atmosphere is amazing. I tried a lot of their produce here and if I am to suggest anything then don’t forget to grab those oysters from Orata Oysters, blueberry ice cream, fresh fruit smoothies from Go Raw, mussel fritters from Fisk, white bait fritter (although I haven’t seen them for the last few visits we made) as well as those artisan breads from Ringawera Bakery. Finally before you leave don’t forget some fresh produce to take home. These alone are worth the visit.

Anyways enough of the talk, I will let the photos below do the story telling.

Matakana Village Farmers Market
Address: 2 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana 0985, New Zealand
Phone: +64210 225 5828


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