Strata Lounge (Auckland, New Zealand)

This was a long due post since we were here last year on our way to Europe, first time in Strata Lounge actually but not a first on any Lounges, this is just the first time I paid for it as all were business trips.  Strata Lounge is one of the lounges in the Auckland Airport and if you don’t have a business class ticket and above, or a Koru Lounge membership then this is your best option if you want to try airport lounges because this place is not based on your airline ticket class, rather it is paid per entry.  But that does not mean quality is not as par as the others because this place in my personal opinion is better than the others that I tried in Auckland Airport, plus other airlines also use them as their lounge like China Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Virgin Australia to name some.

Strata Lounge can be booked online for NZ$59.00 for a maximum 3 hours stay or NZ$75.00 for an extended stay of 8 hours.  With that price you will enjoy fresh range of international hot & cold dishes, bar facilities & non-alcoholic refreshments, shower facilities with towels & refreshments packs, complimentary Wi-Fi & workstations, reading material and children’s play area.  To add to that this place is quite quiet compared to most of the lounges plus it has a lot of empty comfy seating so you can enjoy that quiet relaxing time before your next flight.

Now let’s showcase the food and this is what we had when we were there, Beef Stew and Chicken curry served with steamed basmati rice and roasted potatoes, carrots and kumara was the hot meal option.  For the soup there was two options, first was the Chicken Vegetable Soup and the Miso soup.  There was also some savoury pies, quiche, croissants, Danishes on the hot section.

Six salads was on display on the salad section where there are three options for the greens, a quinoa, potato and pasta salad.  There were sushi’s and club sandwiches as well, plus different slice options for the sweet tooth.  And talking about sweet tooth there were many options for dessert cups too.

To top it all up they also have a cheese and crackers section to enjoy with the free-flowing bar where you can choose from a selection of beer, wines and liquors.

The food selection was great, definitely there is something for everyone.  Everything we tried on that day was really good, I specially loved that beef stew on rice, such a comfort dish.  The Danishes was great as well and the desserts was heavenly, I tried them all.

I did finish off with a couple of beers and a few shots of whiskey on the rocks, then snoozed for a bit until boarding of our flight commences.  It was a realizing lounge, like I said it was quiet and the seats were very comfortable, it has a nice vice of the shops down below so you can people watch to kill time.  The NZ$59.00 was worth it, because if you are hungry it will already cost you at a minimum half of this amount if you choose to dine in on the shops below, so NZ$30.00 is the price of your comfort and zen before your next flight.

Strata Lounge
Address: Auckland International Airport, Ray Emery Drive, Mangere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand

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