Princess’s Garden (Princess Anastasia, St. Peter Line)

This was our last restaurant for our series of cruise breakfast buffets and I just wished it would have ended better, while there is a good selection on offer on this ship, it was not as good as the last few cruise liners we tried. Princess’s Garden is the largest restaurant in Princess Anastasia, and this is where the buffets are held.  Space was ample but unlike the other ships we boarded, they try to reserve the front rows as overflow, so we did not have a chance to have that best seats in the house as it was closed to the public.

Breakfast was standard, it has the usual fare of bread, cheese, salads and cold cuts and that’s pretty much it.  Fruits served with cereals and yoghurt was the canned ones like the peaches, pineapples and fruit salad.  On a positive note this restaurant has the better option in terms of fish for breakfast where there were three types of salmon, smoked, poached and marinated.  Herring wise they also have good options like marinated, in tomato sauce and in mustard sauce.  Quantity wise, there are plenty but like I said not much options.

Other than that, what I can say is that the place was clean, it was not too crowded plus you don’t have to queue early in the morning to get in.  It can be good as you don’t have to wait for your table, but it can also mean another thing, people are not as exited due to the offering? I don’t know.

Princess’s Garden
Address: Deck 7 on Princess Anastasia, St. Peter Line


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