Funny Rabbit (Princess Anastasia, St. Peter Line)

Good ol’ English Pub, yes they have it in Princess Anastasia, so if you don’t want to miss some live big sports on telly and you’re cruising the Gulf of Finland then this is your place.  If that’s not your thing then they also have live music is playing every night and most importantly a wide selection of beers at your disposal.

A very typical pub this place serves only burgers, bangers and mash and chicken wings, that’s about it, too bad they missed one important dish, fish and chips.  Anyways nothing can get simple as that and that’s what we specifically had when we tried this place.

Let’s start with this Roasted Veal Sausage (€14.00) served with Crispy Onion Rings, Bavarian Cabbage, Potato Salad and Mustard.  It is a piece of sausage nothing really special about it, what excited me is the Crispy Onion Rings, very well made, so crispy and tasty too bad the serving size was quite small.

Next was the 6 pcs Chicken Wings (€12.00) served with French Fries, Small Salad and Honey Mustard Sauce.  This one is also OK, nothing special, in fact it was quite dry, tasty? Yes! Crispy? Definitely but that’s it.

Finally the Angus Hamburgers (€19.00), again served with French Fries, Side Salad, Ketchup and Mayonnaise.  This is the best of the bunch, it may look small, but that photo is deceiving, because that plate was huge.  Burger was simple but this is how I like it, patty was juicy and well-seasoned.

So is it worth the visit? Well if you want to eat some good food there are other places on Princess Anastasia, but if you want some beer and have some food then this is the place, especially if it’s a soccer game night, you certainly don’t want to watch that in your small screen TV on your cabin.

Funny Rabbit
Address: Deck 7 on Princess Anastasia, St. Peter Line


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