Napoli Mia (Princess Anastasia, St. Peter Line)

This is the best service we had in this trip so far, the server in this restaurant was the perfect attendant you will ever have, always serving with a smile and very accommodating, and yes, we tipped him really well. Napoli Mia is an Italian restaurant located in Deck 7 on Princess Anastasia ———– and we had one dinner here on the first day we boarded, initially we sat inside far from the windows as when we came here all seats was almost reserved or taken by someone. Our tables were prepared and asked one of the waiters whether we can move to the windows one someone leaves, our first server a lady told us it’s not possible as they already set up our tables, that was a bummer, so we have to stay inside, on the joined double seater tables as we dine. Luckily that waitress was assigned another table and a new waiter attended to us, as he grabs our order, with all smiles, he suggested great options for us.

Minutes later our orders arrived but one of the tables outside was freed, we asked again, and our new attendant did not think twice and said it’s possible, he told us to wait as he cleans the table outside and moved us there. BTW he was the one who also helped the first attendant to join those double seater tables. We were carrying our stuff as we moved and told us not to worry and leave it there, he said he will all do it. Although he told us that was the case, we still helped him as we caused a bit of trouble already.

As he placed the orders on our new table, he started to have a small conversation with us, asking us how our day was as well as how was our holiday so far. And like I said from beginning to end, he all did it with a smile.

Now on to our orders, first we started with this Minestrone alla Genovese (€8.00), a Vegetable Soup with Potatoes, Pesto & Parmesan Cheese. It was rich and tasty soup, very good start to our dish.

We then have this Ai Quattro Formaggi (€17.00) a four-cheese pizza topped with Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Mascarpone, Parmigiano cheese on Tomato base. This was good as well, almost similar to the ones we had in Italy and France, dough was really good and the cheeses was to die for, Gorgonzola was not to strong and it was nice and creamy.

For the meats we had this Braciola Alla Pizzaiola (€19.00), Gratinated Pork Chop topped with Tomato Ragout and Mozzarella Served with Broccoli and Butter-Pepper Fettuccini. It was cheesy and meaty, meat portion was large, it was at least three times the size of the pasta. Pasta was cooked al dente and was really good with that meat and vegetables it came with.

Finally we had this Ossobuco Alla Milanese (€19.00), my favourite of the bunch, a slow-cooked slice of Veal Shank served with Root Vegetables and Creamy Polenta, it was very tender, very tasty and like the pork chops, the serving size was huge. One serving can feed two as it came with two large shanks and two serving of the delicious polenta.

As we ate the server asked us how our food was, we also checked if he is like that with other customers, as he was quite extra ordinary for us. And as we guessed he served everyone with a warm smile.

The food was good, it was inexpensive compared to other cruise liners as well as on shore restaurants, serving sizes was plenty. One of the best restaurants we tried to far but that’s mostly because of the service of that waiter. And if you are curious on who that is, it’s that guy on the photo holding our menus.

Napoli Mia
Address: Deck 7 on Princess Anastasia, St. Peter Line


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