Coffee & Joy (MS Gabriella, Viking Line)

Just a short review today and since we had a small snack at this place when we crossed the Baltic Sea via Viking Line’s MS Gabriella. It was at Coffee & Joy located at Deck 7 of the ship, a trendy cafe that offers you a quiet and cosy coffee break, they freshly baked pastry and sandwiches with your choice of coffee. We came here just right after departing from Stockholm, we seated beside the window to have a quiet snack and enjoy the views from the outside as it slowly leaves the Stadsgården terminal through the scenic islet studded landscape.

We were planning to have a dinner on the restaurants at Deck 8, but the window seats were mostly occupied, and this place was the best and quiet alternative. Crowds were far more less plus it’s on an order and go basis, you if you want to have a quick bite this is your fix.

We grabbed several pastries some were good, and some were just OK but regardless the coffee made it a much nicer experience. At €2.10 and €3.90 a pop it is quite pricey for a piece of pasty or bread, but you are in a cruise plus that’s just a small price to pay for the convenience of grabbing something quick away from the large crowds and a nice view outside.

Coffee & Joy
Address: Deck 7 on MS Gabriella, Stockholm, Sweden


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