Grill (MS Gabriella, Viking Line)

Meaty, Massive and Grilled that’s what you want when you are hungry and tired, and this is what we got from the Grill when we cruised Viking Line’s MS Gabriella. Located at Deck 8, it is strategically placed in the middle of where most of the restaurant are. A good and affordable option if compared to the buffet restaurant since their servings are massive you don’t need to have a buffet.

Good steaks cuts at this place will run you around €20.00 to €28.50 and that is really a good price for Scandinavian standards even more for a cruise ship, trust me you won’t need a buffet, like I said portions are enormous.

I love their menu, it’s simple and it only contains 7 main courses, 3 sides and 3 desserts. This means we tried more than 50% of what they offer in their main course as we tried four different things. Our dinner started with the standard bread and butter, it was good bread and butter so that’s a good sign. Minutes later our orders arrived.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (€14.50) was the first one and if you are thinking of dieting and want to grab some salad this is not for you (if you want to finish them all), the serving size was massive and its one meal on its own that can really make you full. Just look at that loads of juicy grilled chicken breast that hides the lettuce. And yes did I mention that mound of cheese on top.

Next is this Pepper Steak Grilled 220g fillet of Angus Beef and French Fries €28.50. This is the smallest serving that we got, it’s just at 220g but this thick cut beef steak cooked to perfection, served with red peppercorns and very tasty gravy, it’s a nice and simple dish.

We also grabbed some BBQ Ribs served with coleslaw, blue cheese dip and French Fries €20.00. It was served with two succulent big slabs of ribs, as expected it was sweet, savoury and smoky. Blue cheese does not have that strong mouldy taste so don’t worry it does not affect the nice flavour of that smoked ribs.

Finally this massive Grilled veal chops with chimichurri and tomato rice €22.00 arrived, this was the best from our orders. That meat was very tasty and tender, that chimichurri sauce was just right to amp up that flavour, it really went well with that tomato rice which was prepared almost similar to a risotto.

I love this place, food was simple comfort dishes done right. It was affordable too so don’t be afraid to check it out, it may look like and expensive place, because of the design, lighting and ambiance but it was easy on the pocket. Service was impeccable, place was clean, what more can you ask for.

Address: Deck 8 on MS Gabriella, Stockholm, Sweden


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