Dawsons Catering (Auckland, New Zealand)

If you noticed, we haven’t done any catering reviews lately until now. The reason for that is we did a lot of repeat orders with the past ones we tried as we trusted the taste and quality of them but today, we want to try something new, so we gave Dawsons Catering a shot and see what these guys have on offer.

Typical breakfast catering in New Zealand are muffins, sausage rolls, mini savoury pies and croissants so when I choose a catering company, I usually choose those one who offer other than those I mentioned. This means they are a bit creative on their offering which is a good sign.

Dawsons Catering is one of those, what specifically attracted me on their menu is their mushroom empanada and Kransky sausage pastry wrapped which I haven’t seen with the others. Ordering is quite simple, very responsive on their email and they also provide suggestions. Delivery was on time, in fact a bit earlier which I liked, and everything seems to be hassle free.

What we tried were the following: Mushroom Empanada which is a mushroom and cheese (I think) filled empanada pastry, this one is very tasty and easy to eat, it was so good this was a crowd pleaser. I loved it, in fact I think I had three.

Then we have this Kransky sausage pastry wrapped served with chipotle relish. Basically it is a type of pigs in a blanket but using a Kransky sausage. It’s very tasty!

Then we had this chocolate cherry muffin buttermilk using morello cherries and vanilla dark chocolate. It’s a muffin, not as special as the first two but it was good. It was moist and it was delivered really warm.

Finally the most unexpected favourite by many, the granola prepared with toasted muesli, yoghurt and berry compote. Served on individual glass cups (take note it’s not plastic), it was toasty, nutty and the compote was a perfect match for it. Most of my team members love savoury so I did not expected that this would be a hit, but it did even for me.

Another great catering company Auckland, food was good, came in freshly cooked and warm. These guys won’t let you down.

Dawsons Catering
Address: 3 Fenton Street, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024, New Zealand
Phone: +649 374 0901
Website: http://www.dawsons.co.nz/


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