Gangnam Style Korean BBQ (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Hey, it’s another Korean Barbecue place in Auckland, yes, we have lots of them and this is the latest place we visited. I guess a year or two ago we saw this place and checked what they had on offer, I was not impressed during that time due to the lack of choices hence we moved on to a different place which was just nearby, moving on today we got invited and things had changed for the better.

It was the birthday of one our closest friend that is why we are here today, when we got invited I honestly was not excited of the place due to my experience before but as we stepped in to this place I was surprised, it had changed a lot, definitely more offering than before, now they have 16 meat choices, 23 banchan, 8 cooked dishes a salad bar, soups, fruits and four different ice cream flavours.

Place was quite small specially with many diners it can be cramped but once you are in your table and grabbed what you need it all goes irrelevant as you are just concentrating on perfectly cooking those delicious meats. This place is one of those few Korean Barbecue places that is quite generous with their meats, cuts are thick an of better quality than others. Pork Scotch, Pork Belly, Prawns and the Beef pieces were great, the cooked fried chicken wings were popular as well, I can see the staff just constantly fills that container regularly. Tteokbokki was good as well, not as watered down as the last Korean Barbecue place we dined in, definitely there are some good flavours in there.

Food was good period, quality and taste was spot on. I also noticed you won’t wait long enough for the raw meats to be filled up when they are empty. Service was great too; our barbecue plates was replaced at least three times on the one-hour period that we were there. The only downside on this place is its quite small but like I said, if you’re just here to eat, just eat don’t mind the space, especially if you are placed on the dedicated rooms you will tend to forget that there are lots of people outside. Two other small things to note, first is that exhaust is not as strong so don’t bother wearing your best attire as they will smell like barbecue afterwards. Second, the floors tend to be slippery specially that it’s made out of tiles which makes you feel like your chairs is on wheels, so wear a sticky footwear just to be on the safe side.

That’s it, like I said it’s a good place and you go here because of the quality of meats, it is not rationed like how it feels in other places. All for that for just $25.00, this is a steal!

Gangnam Style Korean BBQ Buffet restaurant
Address: 11/62-78 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
Phone: +649 489 1800

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