Wucha (North Shore City, New Zealand)

After a big dinner in one of Takapuna’s Korean Barbecue Buffets we happen to find some space in our belly to have some milk tea, initially we were planning to have it at Gong Cha but one of our friends parked in front of a new Bubble Tea shop called Wucha. At first, we were hesitant as we love Gong Cha teas but after passing by their stall, we saw a lot of people and there were no available seats so we can hang out, so we gave Wucha a try.

This was quite a late post as this review was meant for October last year, but I have a lot of articles in line but like many says, its better late than never. As we pass by the owner welcomed us warmly, there were not customers as it was late at night around 10 PM. Place was large, well lit, amazing ambiance, the decorations specially on one wall was Instagram worthy. The owner even encouraged us to take photos in that place. As mentioned, it was empty when we came in, so we took one table each person just for fun and we were a group of four couples plus three children, there were still ample of space after we take a table each.

The owner noticed that we are a group of Filipinos so as we order he suggested their Avocado Slushy with Cream Topping (NZ$13.00) which I never heard of in Bubble tea shops. He said that drink was very popular with Filipinos and I agree as it tasted almost similar to our Avocado Shake. We grabbed those and other several items like their popular Dirty Milk Tea with Pearl (NZ$9.00).

As our orders arrived, people started flocking in, probably because they saw many people inside and Gong Cha by this time would be already closed, BTW this place closes late, if I can remember the owner said at 12:00 midnight (or he is just adjusting the times depending on the customers). By the time we got all our orders there were three other groups and the place started to become vibrant.

The owner had a chat with us as we drink our orders, telling his story on how he started and operated his shop, a really good chap.

We loved their offering, both drinks plus the others not in the photo was good, probably better than the other Bubble Tea shops in the vicinity. They use a good amount of real fruits on their fruity tea and they did not skimp on the pearl. The only downside is that this place is quite pricey compared to others, it costs around $3.00 to $4.00 more. I guess that’s the price to pay for better ingredients. Online the feedback is not the same as my thoughts but most of them complain about the tea. I can sort of understand them as the Dirty Milk Tea with Pearl tasted like tea, strong tea flavour which might not appeal to those who got used to sweet style diluted milk teas which has lesser concentration, but for me I loved it and it feels like you are drinking real tea with the extras of pearl and creamy milk. Fruit drinks were great as well, very rich, so rich you can feel the higher concentration of real fruits.

Overall, we loved the place, they have a great offering, the place was clean, there were ample space to hang out. The service was excellent as well. But like I said the downside is the price, but it’s just a premium price to pay for a better location where you would not sit on the ground, stand up or sit outside to enjoy your drink, plus the staff and owner are willing to have a chat and get feedback on your orders.

悟茶 WuCha
Address: 87 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
Phone: +649 486 4666
Website: https://wucha.co.nz

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