Amorino (Montpellier, France)

If its summer in Southern Europe your best friend is anything really cold like ice cream, granita, frozen yoghurt, etc you know what I mean. And on our most recent travel we ate a lot of ice cream so bear with me on these posts, anyways I won’t post the bad ones (yes there are bad ones) as we only love positive feedback here in Ang Sarap.

Our ice cream parlour today is Amorino located in the busy road of Rue de la Loge, we saw this as we are heading towards Rue Foch where Arc de Triomphe is, basically midway from where we parked to our destination. It was a really hot summer day so every chance we have to eat devour something cold, we never let it miss. As we walk what we actually saw first was Haagen Dazs but after checking out the prices we opted for the place beside it which is Amorino.

Haagen Dazs was quite pricey but if I can remember correctly Amorino is cheaper by at least €1.00 to €2.00, which is significant if you will buy 6 cones. Amorino’s pricing is quite attractive to say at least. Small cone cost €3.70, Normal size costs €4.80 and Large ones cost €5.80. Another attractive offer from this place is that they scoop their ice cream like flowers, similar to the ones we had in Budapest a couple of years ago. They also have tons of flavours, 24 if I counted it correctly.

We tried several ice creams and fruity sorbets, like mango, raspberry, melon, le sorbet de nina, stracciatella and hazelnut. Ice creams were great but for a summer like Europe the best for that heat are the fruity sorbets which gives you a lasting fresh clean taste. Flavours can be mixed and matched, we get at least three flavours on each cone.

Both ice creams and sorbets were really tasty, full of flavour and not too sweet, sorbets are mildly sour which I really loved.

Address: 12 Rue de la Loge, 34000 Montpellier, France
Phone: +33 4 67 57 85 25


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