Canet Kebab (Canet de Mar, Spain)

First day in Spain and we chose to get our Airbnb on the outskirts of Barcelona, specifically in Canet de Mar to avoid large crowds, parking issues plus it’s in front of the beach. After checking in just after lunch we decided to stroll outside and have a look what this place got to offer. We are also looking for lunch as we are quite hungry after a long drive from Montpellier. Our accommodation is located in the quiet street of Carrer Santíssima Trinitat which is basically one block away from Riera Sant Domènec which is where the food stalls and restaurants are located.

There were several places to eat there but we want something quick, no fast food in sight so we decided just to grab something at Canet Kebab and Pizzeria, a simple restaurant that sells kebabs and pizza. They have seating inside, but we opt for Al Fresco dining, we are in the Mediterranean anyways, so we have to enjoy the sun as much as we can.

Price in here is quite reasonable Kebabs with drinks cost around €6.00 to €7.00 while pizza costs €5.00 to €8.50. We don’t know how good this will be, but we did not bother, all we need is something to fill our tummy up. We ordered several pita kebabs €6.00 and Durum Kebab €6.50. Grabbed different variants for beef and chicken.

When the food arrived, oh boy it was surprising, it did not even look like the one on the menu as the serving size was way much larger, no doubt it would easily fill us up. One serving of the Pita kebabs can feed two, trust me. Meat was overflowing, potato chips was abundant. Tasty? yes. Meat was juicy, the way they fry their chips is the way I like it, very crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. The pita I did not mind as there were lots of meat to take care off and to top it all up the is a small salad serving just to make things look healthy. For the wrap same thing, the width of that thing is massive, it’s impossible to stuff that in your face, meat was over flowing as well.

It was worth the money; the place might not look inviting but trust me if you want a simple good food with large serving then this is it.

Canet Kebab and Pizzeria
Address: Riera Sant Domènec, 08360 Canet de Mar, Barcelona, Spain

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