Wali Gelats and Yogurt (Barcelona, Spain)

If you happen to be in Barcelona in the middle of summer then it’s good to know where the Gelato places are because it is freakin hot during those days, so hot its very uncomfortable. We visited the Cathedral of Barcelona at noon time and after touring the church going up and around it was sweats all over the place, so be warned dress very lightly when you go here.

The moment we stepped out we all thought ice cream would be great to beat that heat, but where do we find them? There were many streets outside which can be confusing to some as they look like a large labyrinth of brick walls. The exit of the Cathedral tour is not from where you came in, and you will end up at the side of a courtyard in the right side of the church at Carrer del Bisbe, so it can be really confusing.

If you walk to the direction of where you entered the cathedral, then instead of turning right to Carrer de Santa Llucia, go straight, and on your left will be Carrer dels Boters which is around a 100 metres from where you exited, this street will be full of shops and the first ice cream parlour you will see is this place, Wali gelats and yogurt.

They sell basically anything cold like drinks, yoghurt, Granizados (Spanish Snow Cone) and horchatas. They also sell crepes, churros, waffles and macarons. We all skipped that and we straight for the ice cream and sorbet. How was it? well ice cream is ice cream, it will hard to mess this up. It was not the same quality as Movenpick, but it was good specially on that very hot day that we were there.

Wali gelats and yogurt
Address: Carrer dels Boters, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 654 68 12 25


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