December 2019

Dunkin' Donuts Neumarkt Altstetten (Zurich, Switzerland) 2

Dunkin’ Donuts Neumarkt Altstetten (Zurich, Switzerland)

Let’s have a quick review for today and its Dunkin’ Donuts.  Yes, you had seen it right? I know this is nothing new but for me it is because this is the first time, I will try Dunkin’ Donuts in Zurich.  While I had tried many Dunkin’ Donuts in my life, I...

Filipino Cocido 2

Filipino Cocido

Filipino Cocido is a Spanish inspired soup dish of slow cooked meats usually pork, chicken and beef alongside sausages, beans, banana and vegetables. Cocido in Spanish is the past participle of the verb cocer (“to cook”), so it literally means “cooked something”, that something can be anything like meats (pork,...