Cafè de L’estació Catalunya Station (Barcelona, Spain)

It was our first day in Barcelona and it was shockingly hot, it’s so hot after our subway ride, we were afraid to go out in the sun. It was muggy, we were all sweaty and a bit tired after a long trip from Montpellier, to Canet de Mar to off load our luggage then to here, so we decided to just stay indoor for a while, sit down and grab some cold drinks. The first place that that we saw after off boarding our train was this place, Cafè de L’estació in Catalunya Station.

It’s a small cafe, just after the escalators, patrons did not mind to have a sit down and relax but rather buy their stuff and move on, we have other ideas, so we decided to stay for a bit. First thing I grabbed was an ice-cold soft drink, I downed that in a matter of seconds, so I grabbed another one and as we sit down. I then started to notice their pizza, breads and pastries. It was way past lunch, but we had a light snack before heading here, with lots of walking involved in our travels a couple of treats won’t hurt.

We grabbed several empanadas (€2.10), cheese filled pastries (€1.75), Danishes (€1.00 was on special) and baguette filled with jamon (€2.40). It was good but not that special. It’s like your normal bakery goodies but a good cheap way to pass that hunger, breads were filling specially that baguette.

Was it worth it? well if you’re in a hurry like most people who pass by this place then yes. If you want a cheap way to fill that hunger in the city centre of Barcelona, then yes. But if you expect some good feed that out of the ordinary and have some time to find where that is then I suggest go out of the station and find that place, there is a lot of good food in Barcelona.

Cafè de L’estació Deli
Address: Plaça dels Països Catalans, s/n, 08014 Barcelona, Spain


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