Gelati am See (Zurich, Switzerland)

When you happen to be in Lake Zurich and its hot, there’s no best way to cool you down but with ice cream and I have the best place for you, the Gelati am See.  Located in the Zurich City side of the Lake just at the end of Lindenstrasse near the meadow Chinawiese where the sunbathers are.  It’s on its perfect spot just near the banks of the lake.

We came here last summer after a nice dip and good walk down the park.  This place was here every summer since 1998 that’s more than 20 years in business.  Armed with 18 delicious flavours and different cone varieties, this place has been making people smile every lick of that delicious ice cream out of fresh organic milk.  Its affordable as well, only CHF 3.00 (US$ 3.00) per scoop plus they give you a small scoop for free to try other flavours as well.

What we tried was their Mango Sorbet and Ribes Nero (Black Currant) then another cone for Pistacchio and Nutella, both served on a black cone which is I think is infused with charcoal.  Ice cream and sorbet was great, very tasty specially the sorbets, fruity, tangy and not too sweet.  Cones was good as well while it may be infused with charcoal, don’t worry it does not taste like one, it just looks amazing :)

Usually there are large queues here but the time we visited, it was bearable.  Just look at the Google photos, I think in the middle of the day in summers the line can be really long.

Gelati am See
Address: Seefeldquai, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 79 440 22 12
Website :


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