Laderach 2019 (Zurich, Switzerland)

This is my umpteenth time here, Why? Because this is one of the best chocolates I ever tried.  We reviewed this last 2013 but had tried it again and again, last one before this was 2015 then now, and yes, the quality has not changed ever since.  We have been to many of its branches, in Luzern Bahnhof, in Sihlcity, in ShopVille Löwenpassage but I don’t know why not yet in Zürich Bahnhofstrasse until now.  It’s one of the most visible branches but for some reason we always go to ShopVille Löwenpassage, anyways it’s never too late.

There are many options here like their MaClair, Masters Collection, Pralines and Truffles but their most popular ones are this FRISCHSCHOGGI™.   FRISCHSCHOGGI™ is basically a large slab of Swiss Chocolates plain or studded with nuts, fruits and sometimes exotic ingredients that are cracked fresh as you order.  We usually opt for that one and try to taste most of their flavours but this time we are getting their prepacked ones that costs CHF 37.50 (US$40.00) for a 500g bag, its pricey but it’s so worth it.  

The bag contains 12 different varieties which I guess their best sellers.  What we had on that bag were the following:

Hazelnut Milk – Large roasted and caramelised Piedmont hazelnuts in Swiss milk chocolate.
Grand Cru Brazil 70% – Intense dark chocolate with 70% fine cocoa from the Cabruca Cooperative in the Brazilian rainforest.
Mixed Fruit – Whole pistachios, caramelised almonds and candied orange pieces in Swiss white chocolate.
Honig – Honey in creamy Swiss milk chocolate.  
Almond Dark – Whole roasted and caramelised Californian almonds in Swiss dark chocolate.
Raspberry-Blackberry – Crushed raspberries and fruity blackberry pieces in Swiss white chocolate.
Cranberry – Whole dried cranberries in Swiss milk chocolate.
Orange-Almond – Delicious orange pieces and almond flakes in Swiss dark chocolate.
Glacier – Smooth, creamy Swiss white chocolate.
Classic – Smooth, creamy Swiss milk chocolate.  
Florentine Milk – Crunchy layer of almond Florentine atop Swiss milk chocolate.

Everything on that bag was amazing, even the dark chocolates are too good you don’t feel like eating dark chocolates.  

That bag went really fast, so fast it was gone after several hours.  If Läderach just have a shop in New Zealand, I think we will be visiting them regularly but for now since Switzerland is far from us, I guess I have to wait for another two years before I can visit your shop again.  That’s a long wait for a good chocolate.

Chocolatier Läderach
Address: Bahnhofstrasse 106, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 210 11 60


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